Sunday, June 1, 2014


Sesquicentennial St Park…

What is a hike…I have no hiking boots…climbed no cliffs..or mountains…but we did walk on a hiking trail…the trail around the lake..a 2 mile walk…or hike…any way when we started out seen this little duckling playing around in the water close to the bank…mama was standing the grass watching …when we got closer she jumped in the water with him…this was the only baby she had…kinda made me sad wondering what happened to the rest of the brood…


on up the lake I seen a group of girls feeding ducks and geese…when we walked up there I seen this mama duck with 16 ducklings…I counted them but could never get them all in ma pic…I wondered if she took some away from the other mama…seemed like a lot of babies for one mama to me…


With these duck were a few geese with their babies milling around…babies are soooo cute…


I turned and walked down the paved path to start our walk around the lake…the first few hundred feet is a paved sidewalk…


Just before you cross the bridge are a group of very old and large Live Oak trees…my pic does not do these majestic trees justice


Then were you see those people in the background of the pic..there is this water fall…I could hear it all the way to where I was standing…so went over to take a look see…beautiful …I think it is a man made water fall…actually there is another one just below it



I will post more pic of our hike/walk in the next post..I think this pooped Maggie out …she came home and slept most of the morning away…I did some chores …got the sewing machine out and did some crazy quit block making…it was very gray and dreary out not a very pleasant day to be out side…but later it did clear up so we went for another walk thru the campground…I said yesterday that the camp sites were  not so great…but after walking around and looking up close …I could see that I was wrong about most of them…when I was driving around looking for a spot..I did not see them well not sure why ..but it did teach me a lesson..get of the rig and look…I did take some pic so will post about them and the rest next time…going to finish packing up and get moving down the road.. so this is it for now…thanks for looking and come back soon..

blessings to all G&M


  1. We have those same geese here at Storrie Lake. No babies, though. Great pictures.

    You asked for my guac recipe, so here it is:

    Mash up a ripe avocado, add salt and pepper and lemon. That's it. I don't like it hot (spicy) so I don't add anything else. It's really good and fast. :)

  2. I don't know how many little ones a duck has but last year one pair of geese had 26 at a lake I go to. I don't know much about birds but these geese are there year round. Don't know why some geese migrate and these don't. They can fly so that's not it.

  3. Thanks Barbara...i am going to try it...i like easy PA where i live we also have geese that do not migrate
    i dont know why either...26 wow!