Thursday, June 5, 2014


Camp drive way VA…..

This is my drive way camp at my DD’s home…I think it is the prettiest camp site  that we have been in so far…she has the most beautiful roses ever …she got her rose green thumb from my dads mother she was the rose queen in our family…I love the rose tree they are so cool..the other ones are knock out roses…


We have been….

working on making goodies for the baby shower on Sun. .. in pic below we are melting chocolate for dipping pretzel rods..put the chocolate in canning jars and set them in crock pot with water…perfect for melting…this is something new for me..great idea!


Then we worked on truffles …using strawberry cake and white icing…after making the cake and icing balls…we dipped them in chocolate also and put on some sprinkles…


Here is a pic of the finished pretzels..MMmm they are good…we will put them in cello bags tied with pink ribbon since baby is going to be a girl…I will take pix of all finished products at the shower so you can see how pretty they are…going to work on cookies today,,..


And the rest of the story…

Since I landed in Winchester I have been feeling under the weather…not sure why…not a cold or anything like that…just not feeling right…but yesterday afternoon started to come out of it..have some problems with the rig…I posted about I think on Sat. I will take it out and get air in tires see if that helps …I think it will and then just drive it slow and easy on up to PA and take it from there…there is a place I can take there to have it checked out…today I think we will be working on the cookies..making cut out sugar cookies in baby cut outs…found some at JoAnne’s ..bib, baby buggy, onsies etc.…I will go now and chat later ..thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

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