Wednesday, June 11, 2014



All tucked in….

the PA home camp drive way…I have way to many driveway camps…I don’t have a lot of pix for this post but will tell you about the last leg for the trip from Winchester…I took the rig and had air checked in tires…was ok…then son in law and I  drove around awhile checking out clanging noise that is on the driver’s front under of the rig…sounds bad when hitting even a man hole cover…but he looked under could not see a thing..looked 2 times…it was decided that I might as well drive it on to  PA…So that is what I did…not trusting Camping World…well the roads were horrendous the whole way….I drove slow 55…and still had problems with crappy roads…interstate was bad all over…I left at 9:30 pulled in driveway at was a long day…I stopped a lot…and sometimes spent at least 45 min ….to an hr… to walk and rest …then got to just before Morgantown WV on I-68 I saw an WV ST Park..don’t remember the name…to lazy to look it up right now…anyway went there figured I was only 3 hrs from PA home so could finish up in the morning and still have time to have my water turned on in the afternoon…pulled in no ranger in site even tho said office was open ..talked a guy that was camping there said no one was there when he and his wife came about an hr ago…told me just go find a spot…so I did…we got plugged in and took Maggie for a walk… came back sat around awhile…was just not happy being there…so after about an hr looked at clock it was only 3pm ..figured I could make it home by unplugged and took off….for some unknown reason I just did not feel right at that CG…so by the time I got home it sounded like the front end of the rig was going to fall off every time I even hit slight bump in the road…only on the drivers side…talked to son this am and he also thinks it is shocks…went by the RV repair place but they were so busy could not even pull into the parking lot…so will try again…I came home to 3 dead butterfly bushes..4 dead rose bushes…2 water leaks..and a few things missing from my garage…I am not a  happy camper to say the least…so that’s enough for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all..G&M


My dead butterfly bushes…

Sad smile



  1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about all the death you returned to. Is it a result of the bad winter? Our experience with PA roads was that we could barely go over 40 in the motor home. On the PA turnpike, we bounced so badly I thought our socks were bad too. Hope it's nothing serious for you and they can get it in to look at it soon.

  2. Yes it was due to the very harsh winter they've had in Pennsylvania last year I was talking to the man that brought my water meter and turn the water on he said he's been around townand some places were people lost everything in the whole yard