Monday, June 16, 2014


And strawberries…

Ah ha…got your attentions didn’t I….well its not what you think…below..wonderful PA. strawberries…the big fat ones form FL. do not hold a candle to fresh sweet home grown in PA…got these on Friday but they will be the only ones I get…way to expensive … must be some gold on them somewhere….made some home made short cake baked it in my toaster oven worked great…


And on to the Shark Bites…

Best thing since sliced bread…at least I think so and I bet every plumber thinks so also..when I returned this summer I found out when the water was turned out I had 3 leaks…was bummed out wondering how I would get them fixed…son came up with this..he works at Home Depot…told me when he worked in my bath room the plumbing was all done with these…connectors..(couplings) you just cut out the bad part and use this to connect it together again.. here is link Shark Bite A great inventions…I know some peeps that I bet wish they had been around about 30 years ago…


A sleepy fur baby below….Maggie girl….


And the rest of the story….

I have not started work on the house yet…today is the day…going to start in an easy room..the dinning room…or what is left of furniture …worked mostly outside since I got yard work can easily get out of an appointment with  a local place that works on RV’ Monday…hope it wont be two expensive… Son came in and hooked up my hot water tank and that is when I found the third leak..found the other two when they turned on water…have started walking again…went to some yard sales with my sister on Friday..have plan to work on house for two days then rest on with sewing etc…the weather has been great …but suppose to start a big heat wave this week…so I want to do work mostly in the mornings no A/C in house or in RV yet..son has to wire up a 30 amp outlet for me…well I better get at it..thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all  G&M


  1. Good grief, that wasn't a very good homecoming. Thank goodness you have a wonderful son who works at Home Depot. My SIL also works at Home Depot - I think those are the salt of the earth men. They know everything about fixing, building, planting, etc. I think there should be a country-western song titled, "I want to date a Home Depot Man." Anyway, I'm glad you made it home safely and I'm very curious about what the RV repair place will find when they check for that noise. What a pain!

    Good to be home, though, right? :)

  2. Wow have you been busy. Glad the plumbing leaks weren't more trouble. Great picture of Maggie. Hope it doesn't get too hot.

  3. Like my Home Depot man thats for sure...i will have to tell him what you said "salt of the earth" is going to be 89 tomorrow Sherry...and humid...might as well be in Florida!