Monday, June 2, 2014


June 1

We spent …

two days at this quiet peaceful park..and I was ready to move on…woke up happy and ready to go…First stop up was breakfast….I have not eaten out one time yet… so it is Sun. and time to splurge…ate at Micky D’s…


I love McD eggs, sausage & hotcakes breakfast.


we parked at the Carolina Wings that was beside McD’s…if they would have been open I would have had an order to go….anyway behind the wings store there are a few long parking places for RV’s and truckers…there were a couple there when I parked…I think you are welcome to over night here…this is at exit 27 on I-77 going north in SC….



This happened later on in the afternoon…I made a couple other stops to walk around … then I stopped at Mooresville SC..near Lake Norman…I decided to splurge even more …got hungry and saw this place and Italian sound really good about that time…


So in I went …very nice clean place…music playing if I had not known better I would have thought a piano playing singer was there…my table…


My food…


More of my food… Winking smile I took a box full of food with me ….my lunch tomorrow…


And then to walk it off…went to my fav. store Jo-Annes and new to me store beside it…then looked to see what time it was getting late and I wanted to make it to Mt. Airy…and was thinking of staying at the Wal Mart beside these two store…but after check driving distance from here to Winchester it was way to long so left drove the hr. to Mt Airy….Mayberry Camp Ground…


And the rest of the story….

I think I need one of those machines that you can dictate messages to….I think of all kinds of things to bring to my b l o g …but by the time comes to write it…I have forgot half of it…one thing I was thinking about today was Lake Norman…Mooresville is by the lake…if you look at the the NC map you can see that it is a very large lake with many many skagley (not sure if that is a word) fingers all over many many miles…I have always wanted to explore this lake…it would take much time…it also reminds me of my brother…they have many bass tournaments at Lake Norman I watch them on TV…my brother was a bass fisherman and did a lot of FLW bass tournaments… but he never made to this lake…I went to a couple of them with him and my sis in law sometimes she would go with him.…so seeing the lake today made me kinda sad…as he passed at age 62 …in 2012…any way that was one thing I was wanting to post about today…I will take a break for now and see if I can remember anything else …lol  I drove about 185 miles and it took me almost all day…10:30 until 4:00…well cant think of anything else at this time so will be on my way…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. That breakfast look pretty good - I thought McDonald's only had breakfast sandwiches. I used to love wandering around Jo-Ann's, and I'm sure I spent way too much money in there! Now, not a single stop while I've been on the road. :)

  2. I"m surprised that McDonalds has a decent looking breakfast. I'd love to eat my way through a day with food that looks as good as that.

  3. there is more to McD's than fat fast really dont do this often at all...they make good McDonalds burger with white chedder and grilled onions, dad loves them...on the dollar menu to boot....

  4. What a nice way to take a break! I would have needed to stroll through theJoAnn's store too. I've never been to an Ollie's store, but would have been intrigued enough to take a look to see what they offered.