Friday, June 6, 2014


We could not…

ask for the weather to be any better here…sunny not humid…slight breeze…temps in the 70’s it..below is Knockout roses in front of DD’s house next to the road…they are in first full bloom…they are a ever bearing rose…you get the blooms all summer and you do not have to dead head them…


More Knockout roses on the left and a beautiful tree rose on the right…not sure what they are called..


This is the view out my door …makes you smile  every morning when you step out..along with the sunshine and great weather…


This is what we worked on yesterday..cut out sugar cookie …..we iced them with royal icing using that technique where you out  line the cookie with bead of icing and the when you drop the icing into the body of the cookie it is suppose to fill it in…yeah right Martha ! she makes it look so easy and so do the YouTube videos we watched….I don’t think it is so easy…Winking smile we will put them in cello bags tie with pink curly ribbon…like we did the other goodies…the C is for the baby's name…,I will say what it is later after birth…just incase it turns out different…don’t think it will tho…


And the rest of the story…

Today Friday…we will make a few more goodies…thinking on crispy treats dipped in pink chocolate…and I think that will be it…this baby show is like no other that I have ever been to…most different…both mom and dad..are very very sports ordinated (Pittsburgh fans on all accounts) …like big it was decided that a hockey shower would be held and dads would be invited also..I will leave the show at the until it is over then I will let you know just what is was about and how it went….I guess you could say “this isn't your Grandma’s baby shower”.. lol..  I am tying to post everyday as I am able to use daughters extra charge…that’s nice….I would love to go yard saling while I am here but not to sure it will happen…Maggie is having I nice visit also…they have a new kitty since she was here last…Maggie finds her interesting but not wanting to play with Maggie..well better get busy with what ever..thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M


  1. With Kathy and I both being certified cake decorators before selling our home we used to produce as many as 500 sugar cookies a week. The term you were looking for is called Flooding. We now enjoy the view outside more than looking at cookies and icing all day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. thanks Rick...i think i should have hired you all to do it!!

  3. Wow easy care roses. They look beautiful and no care is amazing. What darling cookies.

  4. Everything you are doing for the shower is so cute - looks professional! Her roses are beautiful! I can see why you said that's the prettiest campsite ever. I could live like that!

    I hope you get your RV issues cleared up easily. So far it seems like simple fixes. I hope the noise is a simple fix, too.

  5. The roses do get trimmed a little and
    rose food in the late winter or very
    early spring...