Friday, June 20, 2014


I spent ….

Mon & Tues. starting the work on the house…started in the dinning room scrubbing woodwork , walls etc. below is a pic of built in old oak china closet… my grandmothers dishes and tea cup collection is still in there..and on Tues I did the same to kitchen….


Look at this vintage shelf liner paper…I put it there in 1977…it had just the right patina ..but I ripped it out when I scrubbed it…


Took a  break….

and made this bag holder…the bags were getting out of control so I made this before starting to scrub the kitchen…I have one with apple material but it is in Florida…I might make some of these for the church bazar when I get back to Florida….


Bird watching….

city style…I have been watching this pair of sparrows flying by the side of the house I knew where they were headed…but everytime I tried to get pix they stayed away…here is one of them waiting for me to leave the area…


The were headed to the Sweet Birdie Condo.I even sat inside the rig with the door open so I could get a pix…but they knew I was sitting there …they went flying by so fast don’t know how the knew but they did…finally went to the bedroom and tried from there …but the would fly up turn their head see me and fly away…this is the best shot I could get…didn’t want to bother them to much after all those babies were hungry…


You have to be fast to get this little birds…I did get this pic of one flying away after spotting me..the only reason I got this …is because I have such a flunky camera that has a very long delay after snapping …so I got this pic….


And the rest of the story…

I did not take any pix of the kitchen as I worked there …but will take before and after pix of the painting I will be far just have plans to paint the green cupboards and woodwork white…starting today…Wed and Thur… it rained and rained …much flooding and  storming all day and all night…nice to see the sun shine today …after all I am use to wall to wall sun shine…well I need to get busy painting so thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all…G&M


  1. I love golden oak. My farmhouse is filled with it. Your cupboard is fabulous. Seems to match the woodwork. How old is the house? So sorry about the shelf paper. You sure can't buy anything that nice now.

  2. Sherry...The woodwork is truly beautiful in this house
    very thick not that thin stuff you get to day
    the house is over 100 years old...

  3. hi there! This is Jane from Janes Journals (women RV). Looking forward to reading your blog.