Monday, June 9, 2014


The shower…..

Went off with out a hitch ….this post is mostly for family and friends that were unable to attend….pix below setting up….


The game table….


Count the M&M’s in the baby bottle….


Guess the baby food….


Poopie diaper candy bar guess….

The baby food guess was won by a girl that had a year old baby…. Smile

The candy bar poopie diaper guess was a big hit…and was won by a man…guess who eats the most candy bars…Smile

There was a box of new born diapers on the table everyone was to put a message on a diaper for the new mom and dad to read when doing those middle of the night changes…neat idea…couple other games were played..

The food table….

Was more of a snack table…cookies , veggie plate, and fruit…..


We just bought all the vegies a bottle of ranch and made our own…much better than the ones we saw made up in the store….


And then there was the sweet watermelon baby..complete with a binky…we made that also…baby had a greenish face…not a cantaloupe was to be found…not sure what that was about so we used a honeydew…


Our cookies turned out ok…they tasted good but they were far from professional ….


And we made a table at the door so everyone could help them selves to the many favors we made…the truffles, dipped pretzel rods, cookie lolly pops…


We just set up a couple tables so everyone could just go up when ever and get the snacks and we also had pizza …eat just when ever…


Guys were invited to this baby show…and the hockey rink at the Sportsplex was rented  for an hour and they had a game…before they left to go play each one was given a balloon and told to blow it up and put it under their jersey…the last man left with his balloon was the winner of a gas card….it was fun to watch them trying to break the balloons while playing the game…they had a lot of fun…even without any weight they all said it was an eye opener seeing how hard it was to do something with a big ball in front of you…:0 :0…It really was a lot of fun and dummy me forgot to take pix of mom opening the gifts that was brought for baby ….can not believe I did that…

The rest of the story….

is that I will be on the road to PA in the morning Tues…Not sure what the noise is coming from on the were not low like I thought…but I think it is ok to drive and will have it checked out when I get there…might take 2 days to get there…it is a 5 hr . drive with a regular vehicle almost 300 miles …and I will be driving a lot slower…also have to empty tanks so I probably will find a camp ground to stay the night and get there on Thur. Well I better get busy and ready the rig for travel I really will be glad to get to PA…see family and friends… and get that house finished and up for sale…so thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M


  1. How fun! Wow, that was a great shower, everything looks so nice. I'll bet everyone had a wonderful time. I hope they got a lot of neat gifts for the baby.

    Drive safe on Tuesday! :)