Wednesday, June 4, 2014


After the….

sunrise on Monday morning..we left Mayberry Campground headed to VA and my daughter’s home…was a little foggy sunrise…


These roads might look nice and smooth..but let me tell you they are not…The interstates after leaving FL and GA…were a mess…pot  holes some very large..and the roads were rough where repairs had been previously …


When we got of I-81 at Salem VA…I heard this awful noise when hitting and small bump..just your normal road junk /holes….sounded like something was going to fall off the rig..


So when we got off and turned left ..look what I saw….went down the road a bit stopped at WM to warm up my lunch before going in the RV repair…well geny came on but no power…was plugged in so check breakers they were ok I just ate cold food…


Then went back to the Snyder’s ..everyone was out to lunch so had to wait…looked at a few rigs like the red on below…I kind of like the color …(I like red)…but they all were locked so did not get to look inside


Well one of the noise problems was that I did not put the antenna down properly …got that figured out and fixed..they thought that was the whole noise problem…I did not think so..but they wanted to check the geny even tho I said I would take care of it when it got to my daughters…but the did it anyway…and turned out there is a breaker on the geny and I did not know that or I forgot about…that problem taken care of… they did all this without charge…and I was back on the road…and it was soon clear that I still had a problem with ugly noise…sometime was worse than others… got to Winchester I pulled into a plaza waiting on my sil to come get the rig and back it into their driveway…I could have done it but feel better with him doing it…he said after driving it ..might be my shocks…and my tires are a little low….Sad smile  So I really don’t know what to do..will get tires filled…should I go to Camping World see what the problem is or drive it to Greenville and have the RV place check it there….

thanks for looking and come back soon..

blessings to all …G&M


  1. Hope it's nothing serious. I would look and see if I could find some reviews on the Camping World you are thinking about. I have not heard much good about Camping Worlds repair shops. I went once and would not go back. That was nice of the RV place to look at your rig right away and not charge you. That is almost unheard of. Good luck.

  2. I agree about Camping Worlds. I have yet to find one I trust. Great press for Snyder RV and good to know that they are so nice. Really hope your problem is slight. We had a terrible bouncing problem on the PA Turnpike and I thought out shocks were gone but we haven't had it since. No noise just dipping like a porpoise down the road. Had to slow to 25 and 30mph on the turnpike.

  3. Thanks girls...guess i will skip CW and get air and go slow and easy back to PA...and take it from there...