Monday, September 23, 2013


The trail starts here…
at the 27 acre lake…I would call it more like a big pond…any way it is nice…got a good reflection pic…There are a lot of geese and ducks begging for food…are not much afraid of dogs…and Maggie ignored them…strange..
After staying the night I decided I wanted another when I went to the office the next day to pay I ask about any walking/hiking trails…he said there was a nice 2 mile one that goes around the lake…so we took a look and went for the walk…This paved walk starts the trail just down from the Ranger office…..
The paved walk leads to this new bridge across the mouth of the lake…Maggie was in the lead and walked right up and across the bridge…at one point in time she was a little leary of bridges..
Soon after the pavement turned into this part dirt and something that looked a little like black loose black top…Nice and shady…lot of pretty green foliage …but no wild life…
Another bridge and Maggie waiting for me to catch up..she is not off leash..just a long one…I would never let her off leash…worry that something would jump out and grab her…she is just a little tasty morsel for some big bad thing that lives in the woods…like a bear…grrrr
Just to prove ….
that I seen some interesting things along our hike…here is a pic of the lake with a ton of pretty little water lilies…click to see better….they were all white ones…
and on this 2 mile hike I seen one yes 1 mushroom…what is with that…a whole big state park forrest and I see ONE mushroom!!! How do you all see the wonderful things you post about…me thinks my eyes need more practice …
And one thing I think was interesting was this cute little pine tree…I have seem baby pines in PA but they didn’t look like this…sweet..
It was really…
treat for me from camp WM…but I think I have a lot to learn…from more learning about the rig to…how to travel…among other things..but that is a whole other post and before I end this adventure at Sesquicentennial Park..I have to tell you…you all know that everyone has to have “the incident” know the one…at the dump station?…well I had mine I will spare you all the gory details…lets just say again I was not paying attention …only lost about a cup on my gloved hand and a little here and there before I recovered my senses and got it together …hosed it all off..anyway now I am done with that and can now move on…lol..This all was on Sat. so next post will be Sat night into Sun after I left the park to move on south…thanks for looking and come back soon…Blessings G&M  

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