Friday, September 20, 2013

Camp Wal-Mart…

Second night out …..
after leaving Winchester and Mayberry…all night at Mayberry pain in my right thigh kept me from sleep…so I drove about 2 hrs.…and found a Wal-Mart so I could stop and figure what might be the problem …I have had problems with nerves in my feet and legs and back from an auto accident in 2003…fractured 1st lumbar vertebra left me with this problem..gets worse as time moves on…anyway…I think when I drove the  7hrs and over 300 miles (twice) and was sitting a lot…made my leg start up…this is a new problem…I did much walking and lying down at camp Wal-Mart.(that seemed to help it a lot)..there were a ton of stores to window shop in…below pic of camp WM..
Got there about noon..
and stayed until about 10 am the next day…while walking Maggie on her many walks around the parking lot and other places seen this cute guy on a tractor pulling some pretties…never seen a tractor like that  around my homestead…or have never seen a Wal-Mart decorate like this…very nice an pleasing to look at from a parking lot…
Walked around ….
looking for a few geocaches…behind WM there was one nice mowed grassy area…woods on either side of the road…this was an easy park and grab (P&G)…usually seen these light post ones in a parking lot…
Here is the cache…a pill bottle under the skirt on the light pole…these are seen in a lot of parking lots..
Another few other things at WM a first for me was Carolina BBQ wings they had all the regular wings along with these…very tasty…not a first but WM now has their fall Pumpkin Rolls out…Mmmmm good…
After I left this WM camp….
I was not sure how far I would drive…so went on for a couple hrs. stopped had lunch took Maggie for her walk..looked at Next Exit book see an all night WM so headed for there…well kinda took a wrong turn could not find the WM so put WM in my GPS and found one about 5 miles away…got there sitting around in parking lot …decided to look for caches and looked at app on my phone and seen I was very close..(1 mile away) from Sesquicentennial State Park…have seen this on the map many times while traveling north and south on I-77..always wanted to check it out is the time…So went there and that will be my next post…thanks for looking and come back soon … blessings G&M

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