Sunday, September 8, 2013


Playing catch up..
Was playing catch up this week …need to get my DD’s Christmas stocking finished…forgot how to put the foot part together so had to borrow one I made for my sons family to figure it out…
So I got it done…so I can give it to her next weekend when I stop there…she lost hers that I made her when she was a kid…
They came back on Thurs…..
and poured my drive way and side walk…I had to move the rig…because I cant drive on it for a week…..
All done…looks good he made some extra cuts on the corners because of the weight of the rig…going over them….so if something happens I wont have to replace the whole apron…
Looks good from both ends…so very happy that they got this done before I left…they put a little cold pack black top there at the edge of the side walk…I tried my best for them to go ahead and put any extra cement in the drive way… dice….

Neighbor paid a visit…..
To let me know that he hired someone to come and cut down his big old dead maple tree down on Mon. or Tues…
It has been going down hill the last few years and this year it tried with a few green leaves but bit the dust…the reason he came over ..thought I might want to move my rig…I had already figured if he cut it I would move it…only about 25 ft. away…
Not much else going will go watch football…see if any of my fantasy players do any good…thanks for looking and come back soon…G&M

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