Sunday, September 15, 2013


This gang is seated….
and ready to roll…We left Greenville at 10:00am…went to get gas and ice…seen a couple people so that made some down time…I pulled out my gas card I had put $75.00 on the other day..well put it in the pump and started pumping…well it only put in $9 (gulp) I had given my sister a empty card to remind her she can get 5 cents off a gal by using that card at Country Fair…so I thought I had given her the wrong one…but looking in my billfold I found the right one…

So on down…
the road we went…I forgot to charge batteries so no pic..not much to take pics of anyway….We took I-79 south to I-68 east in WVA.,then 522 south in VA Drove 309 miles in 7 hrs. up and down the Allegany Mountains ..was up to an altitude of all most 3,000ft..crossed the Eastern Continental  Divide..drove in four different states…PA,WVA,Maryland, and took me longer because I only drive 55-60 mph…and I took the long way…the other way would have involved the PA Turnpike and I do not like that road…I took the highways because I am not use to traveling in the mountains and those small roads…and I wanted to get to my daughters in one day…I needed to dump my tanks stop 4 times looking and could not find a place…as far as the was uneventful (what we want) I-79 was busy but not bad for a Sat…I-68 was a dream as far as traffic was concerned…light….the up and down the mountains was a little stress but after I figured out my down shifting I did good…Planning of staying here until Tues.. the head out…not sure where I will stop on Tues… a campground so I can dump…I must be relaxed and happy to be on the road…went to bed at 9;30 woke up one time and then slept until 5..I have not done that good in a very long time… it is so nice to be living in MySweetDream…got up this am..took Maggie out…did my morning routine..etc..was sooo nice…for some reason I feel free…away from the house and Greenville…knowing that next year I will be able to GET IT DONE! (the house) I am praying for a great winter in FL this year…with a bunch of GTG’rs..So see ya down the road…stay tuned for the next installment ..thanks for looking and come back soon…I promise to have more pics..
blessings G&M

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  1. Good to hear you are back on the road. I know how excited you are. Happy trails.