Thursday, May 30, 2013


Love my old faithful ladder…
I have had this ladder for over 30 years…it is a RD Werner ladder…I live about 3 mile from their old plant where they made them…got it at a bargain price…take note that it is a step ladder that turns into a 12ft. extension ladder…this would be a great ladder to take in the RV..but it is heavy and awkward for me to use…will see…
010 and buggy….
now that is quite a combo…different mods of transportation as you can get…the last I did any washing of the RV I only got 1/2 of the front done…so today I  finished of that and did the whole drivers side…going to take a trip to WM later then will pull it up so I can was the other side….
In the pic above…this is a site you see all the time around my house…we live in an area of many small Amish communities…they even have a horse barn at WM where they can hitch up the horse and buggy and shop…this guy and his horse were passing by while I was washing the RV….I took care of many Amish ladies coming to the hospital to have babies when I worked in the OB Dept. There were a couple mid wives around in those days but most came to the hospital…You can drive on any back road around here and see Amish houses….guess that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…Blessings G&M
PS..for any that are interested…about cutting the memory foam…I used a electric knife to cut mine for the bed in the van…worked great like cutting butter…

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