Thursday, June 6, 2013


My spot at the Shenango cg….
I know it has been awhile…but been busy and to tired at night to blog…have to figure out a way to have fun, blog and not be tired…This is my site at the gtg I had with Liz…She stopped over here a few days on her way to Good Sam Rally…in NY…glad to have RV visitors… Smile It was on the cool side so I did not but out my outside room…so will just share this photo of the site…Liz and I shared that beautiful white Dogwood tree
Some sights, sites, around the cg…
At this no hook up site…was a tree carve from an old tree stump over looking this part of the lake… they also had a few loose stumps to use as stool seats…around the site…
A nice back in site with a view of the lake.. nice and flat…
Looking down one of the empty loops…it is a tad early and cool for this COE campground to be filled up…but in the summer it is filled most of the time…but some sites for passing thru RV’ers…The sites on the left would be lake side sites…
Here are a few neighbors we saw …and this boat was docked right behind the camp site…lot of the sites you could do this…
This was looking up our loop…you can see just the tip of Liz.s car and the cab of my was a little on the foggy side the morning I took this…
I have more but will wait for next post..this is getting long enough…check out Liz’s blog for the the things we saw around the area…like I said there is not much to see and do here in this part of northwest PA…until next time thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M
Liz's blog

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