Sunday, June 30, 2013


As far as I can see….
There is nothing but rain and gloom in the weather forecast…This is getting to be a bit much for me…I don’t do well in the cloudy and gloomy days…need that sun shine on me…too depressing..
On Sat….
Finally said the heck with this and Maggie and I went out  looking for some new geocaches that have popped up in Greenville the last couple years…
So here are a few of the geocaches we found yesterday….
In-between rain drops we found 6 geocaches …not bad for us…and it has been a year or more since I found the last one…. I think Maggie has had enough already…
This was the last one we looked for…but to many peeps (aka mugglers) so we called it quits…went back this morning but could not find it…
And the rest of the story…
Son came and we got the attic cleaned out “cleaned out” I mean all the stuff has been moved down to one of the bedrooms…gave one of my grandsons an extra bed so that freed up one so I filled it up with junk to be gone thru…the only thing I want to keep are a few Christmas ornaments that were from my child hood…so the rest will be sold,donated, or set out to the curb..we set some wire hanging things from my store days and someone came along and took it…love that I don’t have to worry where to take stuff to get rid of it…this week I will go thru what is left in the basement “not much” so we can put on more Dry Loc on the walls and paint the floor…Said it before cant wait for this to be all done…have a great day…and thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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  1. Each square foot cleared is a step forward. Keep up the forward movement! You will be out there on the road and all this will be a memory....