Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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 Well I have been down sizing for the last several years…and now I am down to the nitty-gritty as they say..Going thru things in the dinning room china closets and so forth I find that the things left are things I thought I wanted …mostly family stuff…no one but me knows what they are ….only mean something to me…below is a pic of grandmothers china closet..and corner of table and chair..solid maple (they don’t make them like that today) she got it 1950 excellent condition…I will keep this ….
Get rid of “stuff”….
Below is the solid oak built in china closet that goes with the house and matches the oak woodwork…everything in these two pic’s is priced and ready for the moving sale…hope by Aug. if not before..got one room done…so far…
Or keep some?????
Agonizing over what to do…below is my grandmothers good dishes…they are bone china made in occupied Japan…she got them right after WW2 … 1946 ..complete 12 piece set…Me being the oldest granddaughter got them…I would like to see them stay in the family thru my granddaughter…hope they want them…
And along with that dish set is here bone china tea cup and saucer sets…I remember all these things as a child…and a few others that she always kept in the china closet…some days she would get out these pink crystal wine and or goblets (they were very very thin) and  she would play with me putting ginger ale in them and we would have a fun time drinking and chatting… as a child I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandparents..at this stage of my life I feel like an era in our family is coming to an end…and no one will ever know what it was like when I was a child…any of you seniors out there feel the same way?? Seems like the young are not interested in old stuff…lol…Well I had better get busy and keep on ….keeping on…thanks for looking and come back soon…
blessings G&M

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  1. I know how you fell. I have no grandchildren to leave my precious family momentoes with. I also have a china set from Japan and keep it in my kitchen cabinet. No one ever sees it but I know it's there. What will happen to it when I'm gone??? Who will know the story behind it??? So sad.