Thursday, June 13, 2013


Misplaced bird house…
Back in the day (90)’s I use to make these bird houses and attach them to a garden shovel,decorate and sell them for yard and garden…when I stopped making them, I was cleaning out my van one day and put this last one here for a temp spot until later. Well later never happened and the next spring I noticed a pair of chickadee’s and house sparrows were fighting over it…The chickadee’s won and for many years it was their nesting spot…but this year I noticed that the sparrow’s had taken over…When Liz was here she was able to get this pic of feeding time….
What was unique about this pic ….we found out when enlarged …was the comical way mama was feeding the baby…guess you could call it “spread eagle” ….pic below shows it all….we were sitting in her car on the street when she got the pic…
In all the years I would see the Mama’s & Papa’s bringing bugs and what ever to the babies…I never seen one…well as it happened to be this year…backing in my RV..put it in a perfect spot to watch feeding time and low and behold I got this pic of a baby…not sure if there was another on in there or not…it was not easy with my slow camera to get him before he ducked back in after getting his meal.
And then there is this guy….
I took this pic at the home park in FL…been meaning to post and ask what it was….I had to crop the pic to get a close up…Judy could you enlighten me on the kinda cute guy…not sure if cute is the right word lol...a face only a mama could love...
And the rest of the story….
Sitting here now waiting for my second meeting with the real estate peeps…should know more today…real estate sales are still stale here in this town…so who know how long this will take…but it is down to the nitty gritty now and I have to get rid of the rest of my belongings…I have not got much done…tail bone, life crap stuff like that…sometimes the life things happen that just suck the peace and joy right out of you…and in my observation of the senior years those are two things that you can’t afford to lose…it seems like you don’t bounce back like you once did… going this afternoon to get some Maggie food…at pet store about 15 mile away…stop and get some Grammy food supplies…that is if the wind dies down a little…
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings G&M


  1. Boy, you are so right about life things sucking the peace and joy right out of us. I seem to be having my share of that situation right now.

    Hope you get your house sold soon.

  2. Your not so cute bird is a cormorant. They swim under the water to catch fish.