Sunday, June 23, 2013


The before pic…..
This flooring has been on there about 25 is all chipped up and a mess…needed to be changed….
And the after pic….
It sure looks good..but believe me that it was more than a trial to lay…because of crooked 100 year house…the floor was sloping is some areas…poor son..he has laid this lament before and had no trouble…but he got it done and it looks good…
I started this project…
Stripping wall paper in the hall down stairs…will do up stairs next…it need to come down..I put it up over 30 yrs. ago and it now is starting to pull away from the wall in a lot of places…when I put this up I never thought 30 yrs. later I would be scraping it off….
This is what it looks like when I got done…it looks better in the pic than it really is…the wall on the right has a few hair line cracks that need repaired..and on the left needs some dry wall putty where a sewer pipe was replace a few years ago that I never got finished … I will probably paint not paper again…I am to old for that..not so good on a ladder anymore and balancing on stairs etc.

Saved the best before for last….
I love good old home grown PA strawberries…now not to put the FL strawberry down but they don’t hold a candle to these…got these at the farmers market on Sat. while out doing a  little yard saleing….bought them from an Amish lady…
And the after..It was my birthday yesterday so I made this strawberry short cake for myself…I used my grandmothers recipe…I loved her strawberry short cake…she use to tell me stories about back in the during WW2 sometimes when food was scarce she would make big bowls of strawberry short cakes and that would be their dinner sometimes….as a kid…that would have been great… Did not to much yesterday…hope I get out of this lazy daze mood soon…it is getting hot here now so that will not help me much…lol…either to cold or too hot ..never pleases me…lol…
I am not traveling right now so any new RV girls checking out my blog you will need to scroll back in the archives to see some of my adventures…you can also check out the archives on my side bar to the right…Well better see what I can get done before it gets to hot ..thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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