Sunday, May 12, 2013


My site….

This is my site at Lake Wateree St. Park in Winnsboro SC.  Easy back in spot…and level paved site…


Set up for the weekend….

We did our thing setting up…suppose to have on and off again storms so I did not put our awning out or put out the rug..used my two beach matts instead…The picnic table was not handy to the site someone put it in the woods and did not return it…to heavy for me to move..So I used a little folding table that I brought along and a TV tray stand to eat on…ice chest I used while traveling ..not brave yet to keep propane on while moving….


View from patio ….

This is my view out the front door while sitting in my chair…the light area in back ground is the entrance to the campground….


View on the other side of rig…

A lot of trees..naturally we are in a ST park..some privacy…  


Sat. breakfast…

Home made butter milk pan cakes for Sat breakfast…I am using a two burner hot plate outside for cooking until I get a table top grill or camp stove….


I adapted my recipe to fit my travel ….I made up the dry ingredients put them in a gal zip lock….then when making a small batch…enough for one or two…one cup of dry, about 1 tablespoon of egg beaters, one teaspoon of melted butter, about 1/2 cup or more (eye ball it) of butter milk…mix..cook…flip and eat…So far this morning we have taken a couple walks around the CG and down to the boat ramp…the walking trail near here is flooded out so that is not going to happen….not sure what will do later but will post about it next ..also not sure when this will get posted…it is Sat morning May 11..thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings G&M


  1. Before I had the residential fridge put in the rig, I never traveled with the propane on either. Just keep the doors shut. It will keep things cold enough for eight hours of travel.

  2. Sounds like your trip is going smoothly. I love the "easy back in spot" comment....did you think you would be saying that when you first took the RV out? Good for you.