Monday, May 20, 2013


Not my usual route…

Woke up to very foggy conditions this morning so….might be getting a later start…

Since I now have the RV..I am not taking my usual rt. the Pennsylvania turnpike…it is a fast crazy..skinny, always under construction road…a bit of history of turnpike… The road opened on October 1, 1940 between Irwin and Carlisle as the first long-distance limited-access highway in the United States that led to the construction of other limited-access toll roads and the Interstate Highway System. No wonder it is under construction all the time…its OLD!


So think I will head up and across rt 68 to I-79 it is longer but I will be more at ease driving…this leg of trip thru the Allegheny Mts.


Some random pic’s of MySweetDream…

This was taken before I did the mod’s with the lace curtains and privacy lace curtains to divide the cab from back … I no longer use the black and white palm tree table cloth…


More of my mod’s…


This is the sofa area after curtains hung up and lace curtain across the cab area…not sure how long I will keep it looking this way but this is it for now…well its getting late and I need to head on out…so for now thanks for looking and come back soon….

blessing G&M

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