Friday, May 3, 2013


A soggy start to the day….

This is what we started our walk with this morning …a lade that came over night …our own private lake…..Maggie was not excited about it…she hates water…


But never fear….

We braved the weather and had a pot luck breakfast…I made home made butter milk pan cakes…mmmmm good and Dell brought along some bacon…Here is Soos and Dell chowing down…


Breakfast looking good….

I forgot to bring along some syrup…so I made some by boiling down some brown sugar and water until thick….


Water logged mushrooms…

On our walk this morning we found mushrooms that were splitting they took on so much water…


A day behind….

I am posting a day behind on my blog…so all this happened on Thurs. I am going to stay an extra day so will leave on Sat….but still will be back at the campground during the day…..Most of today Thurs. we sat around camp, enjoying , yaking , eating, etc…because we never knew when it was going to storm…If it is nice tomorrow we will be going to the beach, I will show them around Melbourne a little…despite the rain we are still having a great time..We are suppose to have thunder storms all night to night…(again)…Maggie is getting along fine with Soos’s dogs Molly and all is great…at the mini GTG….And we are exchanging stories and ideas and learning a lot…from one another's experiences.  All for now we had a big day and I will post about it tomorrow..thanks for looking and come back soon…

Blessings G&M


  1. The rain here is keeping me home. I can't believe how cold it is today. I actually lit the fireplace tonight.

  2. I'm new to your blog. I'm a "wannabe" RVer. Sorry to hear about you leaving yours keys in your rig. I was in my local Sam's Club this weekend and they had a display involving various kinds of "safes" (to secure money and valuables). One safe was for RVs. You simple store your valuables in the safe when you're out walking around. It's a rectangle metal box (like an ammo box) that is affixed to the hitch on your RV. The safe is called the "hitch hiker" and is made by the Mesa Safe Co. ( Best regards. Mike