Monday, May 6, 2013


This was my spot while visiting Soos and Dell….
Went over to the park so I could visit for the day with Soos and Dell…They were out and about for awhile…so I waited around taking Maggie for a walk….It is nice that this campground lets you come , park and spend the day with friends with no charge!
They soon showed up …..
We decided that we would find one of the trails and take the dogs for a walk….Found this one below Soos and Dell reading the signs..
The trail was hard packed sand…
We seen a side trial off into the woods…at least what I call Florida woods…the bush might be a better word.There goes Soos, Dell and the dogs…
Very interesting woods in FL….
 When you walk in the woods/bush here in Florida…you see some beautiful and interesting foliage ….
Arson fire results….
Another thing we saw was these charred remains from an arson fire…with new growth no less…how wonderful nature is ….this arson fire in the park was in 2011 I believe…
I did a lot of cleaning and packing up today…had a lot of cleaning after camping for the last 4 days…we had a great time with only the three of us….even tho it rained most of the time…we would sit out under awnings keeping out of the rain but still having a good time…big day tomorrow so will go for now…thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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