Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DAY ONE….never underestimate Women who RV…

Our first day out…

we got off to a good start …met just above Cocoa FL…then jumped on I-95 heading north…sometime later we stopped at a rest stop …walked the dogs etc…then back to driving…about 45 min later I needed a pit stop so we got off I-95 and pulled to a mall type area…just before we got off  I  had noticed  that the vent cover on the back of Soos trailer was flapping in the breeze…so we took a look and it was hanging on only on one side ….you could see it  sticking up in pic below…


We definitely needed a ladder…but we did not have one…but then I remembered something that happened to me at Wickham Park last week (I didn’t tell you all cause it was stupid) but any way a guy at the park backed his SUV next to my rig like in pic above  so I could open window and get extra keys…so that made me think we could do the same thing with my rig backing it up to her TT so we could use my ladder…climb up and fix the vent…


And it worked…pic above the cover is now snugly back in place…she thinks might have hit a branch when leaving this morning…we were back on I-95 in no time….

We stopped for the end of first day at a KOA in St. Marys Ga. below is my site not a big set up just for over night Soos was beside me…we got of the road around 2pm..plugged in so the pups could have A/C and headed to the pool…no pool pix…we are shy old ladies… lol….first time I have been in a pool in a very  long time…decades…now at age 70 I don’t care how fat and unshapely I am…I just needed to cool of after these last couple months in Florida…how nice it was Smile


They have a nice little dog park here so after the pool and eating took the “kids” for fun in the park looks like Dinah was leaving her P-mail  just as I snapped the pic.. and walked the loops for a bit…then back to the rigs to sit around and see where we want to end up on Wed. Thought I might take a look at the weather radar on my phone glad I did because big storms headed our way so we quickly picked up and headed inside…


I thought this was a very good idea…picnic table on skies…for easy moving…Well the storm never came to use tracked north not east…today not sure where we will end up but will try to post about our second day…. 


I have had this post done for some time but due to the blogger and live writer problem have not been able to post it..so just learned that it was working again so will try to post it..my other post on the trip will follow…sometime  or other..

Thanks for looking and come back soon…Blessings to all G&M

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  1. That looks like a nice site, and dog park, too!

    Good plan to reach the roof - I'm glad you stopped when you did, or you might have lost that cover. Happy travels. :)