Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 2….

We only went about 125 mil today…at least that is what I am remembering a few days later ..I was all prepped this time to keep up b log post when the mess with live writer and Google started…that made me upset so did not keep good with b log update writings so now I am trying to remember what and where…we wanted to stay at Santee Lakes CG but could not get them to answer the I had to stop at WM for some supplies and while I was in the store…Soos made rev. at a KOA in Yemassee SC …she said it was getting late and too far to Santee…so that’s is where we ended up on the second day…there were no incidents on that travel day…not sure when this will get posted or if any pics will end up on it…I guess have to go back to the blogger format to post and that to me is a big PIA….I am days late writing these post so I and cant remember what pic goes with what campground…our second stop was just across the line SC line Yemassee KOA…third day Florence NC not a KOA but use to be.. …fourth day Enfield NC…day 5 all were KOA campgrounds…


It is now so many days out I can not remember everything..I thought the cabins were Florence but what ever…they are nice


They also had this vintage trolley car fixed up into a place to stay the cabins…and there was a red caboose fixed for staying ….very nice set up…


A lot of metal statues around the grounds…I like this mermaid…


Like I said this will be a hodge podge of what we did and where we thing I remember is the wonderful weather we had…not a drop of rain and the further north we went not so hot and after we got out of GA the humidity was much less…at least by Florida standards…When we got to this park mid after noon we hooked up and went right to the pool…it was great lazing around in a pool all afternoon…thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M

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