Monday, June 29, 2015


No not for Maggie & me…

The new puppy Rusty is a new addition to George & Christine ….he is 11 weeks old here and a big ball of bouncing puppy….he is sooo cute…I think she told me he is an English Spaniel…they got him from a breeder in NY state not far from Erie PA…you all from the GTG at Hardee Lakes will remember them as the camp host and mobile RV tech….


At 11 weeks he is as tall as Maggie but much heavier…and he was totally in love with Maggie and she was not much interested in him …he was bouncing around like a big fluffy ball and she was not having any of it…she did come close to check him out when Christine held him at bay so he could not pounce on her…all he wanted to do was play….I reminded Maggie that she was just like him at that age…remembering how she was with her pal Joey and he didn’t want anything to do with…


In the pic below is their site at Sparrow Pond campground …it is a seasonal site they full time in a 5th wheel and the  deck they got last year when another seasonal person left and gave it to them… they spend about 6 mo. here and then in Florida the rest of the year…I will post about the seasonal part of this park at a later time…


Me being a life long gardener …I took notice of this unique way of planting tomatoes and peppers…keep out the critters with some kind of fencing…not sure what they are using….I guess it would also help keep the straw in place is it broke down…


And the rest of the story….

Not much to tell except the very cool weather I say that because it is not quite cold but close…and of course the rain…speaking of that I don’t think we got the leak…totally bummed out …going to call this morning to see when we can meet again …I keep looking at the roof from my upstairs in the house..trying to figure it out …wish I could get up there and look it over good….anyway the only other thing I can think of is the cap covering the sky light in the shower…I will be glad when the sun shines and it gets warmer I should have more fun things to b log about…that it for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. What a darling puppy. He definitely needs another puppy or a boy full of energy to play with. Leaks are horrible. We think we FINALLY got the one above our windshield fixed but it took more tubes of filler than you would think could fit in there to stop it.

  2. Cute doggie.... but my favorite photo is the way the pepper plants are growing... pretty neat!