Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This campground is where the RV Techs spend their summers…near Erie PA…you have it all… country living at the foot of the Allegany Mountains and close to the city…at the end of this loop I where they are located…a few seasonal sites in the woods…


As I walked around the cg …I could see there were certain areas that were for seasonal sites…below is one that I liked…I took a few pics of ones that were landscaped nice…


I think this is my over all favorite ..located at the end of a row..with trees and wooded area beside it…a private little oasis …perfect I could see me here for the season….


This was another seasonal …it was very striking with the woods for a back drop but not as private…so striking because of how well manicured it was…very well taken care of….I did get to talk to the man who lived here..he said him and his wife full timed for 10 years until he got tired of “pulling” as he put it…They still spend winters in FL but drive there…


And I did see one park model…I could see me living in one of these also….when the time comes….with a small rig to travel in…I could spend winters in Florida or other warmer states with a screen room for extra room…then I summer at a place like this…from what I have seen and heard it is very very reasonable rate and the will keep your spot over the 6mo. winter for only $160…


And the rest of the story…

Well I am going to wrap this post up today 7/1/15…I usually start a few and then work on them and post….I have to return to Erie today  my roof is still leaking..I was so bummed neighbor came over and took a look..he was pushing on the caulk with his thumb around the sky light cover and when he did water squished he put some duck tape in that area and some between that and the edge of the roof ..and it has rained since then (raining as I type this Sad smile… I kept on watching it in side and thought maybe it helped but then last night I was not so sure…I think I am beginning to see is dark and dreary …part of the camp ground at Shenango is closed… and one of the loops is under water…this is where Liz and I camped out the last two years as she was passing thru on her way to New England….I think you can read about it at this link

Well I better get moving need to be there at 1pm …thanks for looking and come back soon blessings to all G&M

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  1. I really hope that someone will investigate all the seals on your roof before you have serious damage to your home.