Sunday, July 5, 2015


After we left….

We turned right on US 19 and headed to Erie PA…US 19 also known as Peach St. in Erie is one of the main streets there…lots of shopping and eating along this RT…also it will lead you right to the Mill Creek Mall…if you want to do meg shopping….


We were not interested in any shopping what we wanted to find were a few Geocaches…this one below is at Best Buy..named BB…could stand for the store or Big tree or Big bush as the hind specified …you figure it out…you can see the back end of the VW bug Geek squad car….


And here is a pic of Maggie patiently waiting while I look for the illusive cache sometimes I have a difficult time seeing things in trees and bushes…because of the cataracts…she waits a lot…but is ready to go when I say we are going geocaching …runs to the door waiting to get her leash on …what a sweetie…


Before we found the BB cache …we stopped at WM looking for one there…pic below is that was what they call a PG…park & grab…easy find…not much looking…


Below is the BB cache…you would think it would be easy to see bright blue in color…but this took me awhile…looked for a couple others but could not find any more ….but we will go back there for a day trip as there are a ton to look for….a nice day trip and besides they have my fav. fast food…Chick-fil-a ..not one close to Greenville….


That’s it thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M


  1. Cataracts can really make sharp vision impossible. I'm getting mine removed in mid July. Am worried and excited.

  2. I hope I can get mine removed when I get back to Florida just fall according to my doctor here Medicare will not pay until they get to be categorized as a 3 or 4 mine were a to last year I hope I can get them done because I have a really bad time soon I will be interested to see how yours go