Saturday, July 18, 2015

Some yard sales…

On Sat. morning…..

I picked up my sister ( she lets me keep her car & use it) and we went to a few yard sales…below is a pic of my kind of yard sale…but in reality it was an antique dealer have a “sale” and definitely not yard sale prices…I want to check this one out because they advertised they had old windows…but none were there…I want to find some of the old double hung windows that are in most all old houses in the north…I want a couple to give my neighbor that is keeping an eye on dad…she uses them in stain glass work and they are hard to come by in Florida….I will keep looking….


There were no bar-goons here for me…but I would love to have had something like this to re-furbish in the pic below back in the day…not now because I have no out let for them….



And the rest of the story…

I am still grieving my Maggie girl…I know it will get better…but never forgotten…I know I will think about and talk to her everyday for a VERY LONG time…here is a pic of her smelling the flower on a walk at Sparrow Pond CG…our last camping trip together…this was a nice walk with yellow flowers and white daisies along the path…some of what I think are at the Rainbow Bridge….


So that’s about all I have for this post…at least it is a start…RV women friends are coming to visit for a couple days soon…passing thru on way to Indiana to a GTG…so will be camping with them at Shenago CG…ok then thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&SM = StillMaggie

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  1. If your friend makes her own window frames you could simply stop at a hardware where they repair broken windows. They would gladly give away the shards of glass.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.