Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting ready….

Getting ready for ….

A GTG with Liz & Nan at Shenango Campground…they will be there tomorrow and I will go there after my Doc. appointment…below is a early morning pic of a couple fishermen…one in a speed boat getting to his fav. fishing spot and the other in a small boat already at his…click pic you can see better…the sun rise was hid a little by clouds..not quite breaking the horizon yet…


I am really wanting to get away from camp driveway ….but I know it is not going to be the same without my girl….I have some adjustments to make…this is a very nice site on the lake side…but has no hook ups…some time I will come and do one of these when its not so hot…but the shade would help with that…I think my new house battery would hold up longer than the old one I had…this is a very nice CG but is really busy on weekends…I will be in site 318 if anyone is in the neighborhood stop by and see us….be here 4 nights….


For Sherry the lamps my sister got at yard sale…retro cool…they need shades looking on eBay for shades of this era …my daughter got a couple shades on eBay for some retro lamps I had left from my store…the were so cool and after seeing them wish I had them back…lol…what did we use to call someone who did that ,,,?


Below is a web pic of shade similar to the ones my DD got for hers and would look great on these lamps…


And my pic of the day …of course is my Maggie girl…at Sparrow Pond CG…check out a bear the the resident chain saw man carved …there were a lot of  his items thru out the CG…


not much else to say right now…hope for better b log info at the GTG…ever how small it is…also want to tell about the windows I am looking for …not looking for the glass…we want the old antique/vintage wood frames she will fill with her stain glass designs….they are really nice and when I get back to Florida will take a pic so you can see them….thanks for looking and come back soon ..blessings to all G&M

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  1. Love those lamps. Thanks for posting them so I could see them. What a bargain!