Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Shenago first post….

Well started off…..

As usual either at a WM or a gas station…but one little thing was missing…that sweet little face hanging out the widow…excited to be going “camping”…how will I ever get over this….


So moving on …went to the campground after doc appt. and all ….Liz & Nan beat me there…they were just getting ready to take Nan’s car to the repair shop…so I waited at the CG for Other Sharon to come on in…she will here after be known as O”Sharon as we have a few Sharon’s on our forum…they change up their names a little so we can tell them apart when they post … below is my site …we were lucky and found 4 all at the same area beside each other…even got to use my awning…the sites in this loop… New Duck Loop…are gravel with grass & trees on all sides and pretty level…but not really very private…but at this point in my life I was happy to be here people and all…I like some of the other loops better…20150730_204017

When O’Sharon got there…she did a quick set up and we took her pups for  a walk…Mr. Doodle on the right and Li’l Rascal on the left they are Labrodoodles…Soon after Liz & Nan returned and  the rest of the evening we sat around and chatted…O’Sharon is a newbe to the forum and this was the first we all had a chance to meet…she is from central PA…and of course she fits right in with us old lady RV’ers….pups below looking up the side road wondering what is up there….


Next day we took Thistle Liz’s pup and Spring one of Nan’s pups to PetCo to get groomed…and a WM stop…and of course we went out for lunch…Golden Corral ….took this pic of close tree and the ones across the lake…they sure do look like the beginnings off fall …the have that brownish look before they break into full fall bloom with the beautiful colors…way to early to look like this….still a lot of green tho…


This was a laid back relaxing GTG…Liz & Nan have been traveling since early spring and I think this was a nice break for them…and for me it was just great to get out among people again…I have been sort of stuck here in Greenville…and after this outing I am ready to get out of dodge…(Greenville) going to be checking my finances checking them twice to see what I can do…I would love to be able to go to the IN GTG…but I know there are not enough $$ to get there…I will have to go east and south …IN is out of the way for me…so I got some creative figuring out to do…I am stretching this out so I have something to b log about…so there will be more later…something about a Bigfoot sighting??? thanks for looking and come back soon blessings to all G&M


  1. It all takes time but by being around other people will help in the healing process.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I know how much you miss your camping buddy....Maybe another little face will find its way into your heart when you're ready.