Monday, June 22, 2015

on turning 70…milestone birthday…

Well I guess it is official I am now a senior citizen …the date says I am… my body says yes most of the time …but as they say my mind says no way…I am only in my 30’s…I am retired but my retirement is not what I wanted it to be…what I thought and hoped for…I wanted to travel and see this great big USA….Some would and have said..what is wrong with you why do you leave Florida even for the summer…it is paradise (and I agree it is but not in the summer) …anyway one thing that is bumming me out is the way I am starting to feel about my self and what is happening…and why is it happening…for instance I wanted to travel that is what I have been striving for…now in this last year things started to change…did these changes come about because of the fact that I was ill all winter I thought I was going to have to sell my rig and give up everything…(has been a long 10 mo)…or is it because at this certain age of 70 you start to this…I have been reading blogs for a long time…some of the solo rv women (and couples also) blogs lately are looking toward not so much travel but finding a home base and taking shorter trips…stuff like that..or staying in one place longer…I am feeling that same thing…but I never got to travel and see the USA…is my time cut short cause of age…but then I know of RV friends that are in their 70’s and still traveling some are full time in their RV’s…traveling all over …it never bothered me to drive my rig…but now this past year…I hate all the fast moving traffic..hated going thru the mountains this year..stuff like that…what is happening???..would I feel different and better if I were out and about with my friends and fellow travelers…??? I know when I was at Hardee Lakes with all my RV gal pals I was totally happy and content (except back was still giving me fits) even when going to my local campground to spend one night just to empty my tanks…I am happy and at ease I have left the turmoil and hassle behind …I have come to PA…thinking that it has to be a better summer …is it when we age we cant and don’t handle problems gets harder …??? I am not handling gray gloomy rainy PA well at all so far…

And now I feel bad about my complaints …there are so much other tragedy happening just turn on the news..…people out there that I know so  much worse off …facing some really bad stuff…makes me feel like I have no problems at all and I should not be complaining and keep my mouth shut… but aren't we all still caught up in our own world and what that is all about…our spot on the plant…

It seems like that I still have a leak on my roof…I think I have pin pointed and still waiting for answer from my RV Tech guys….said he would get back to me yesterday …then it was suppose to be this afternoon…same story and my real estate man…took him a week to get back and talk to me…boy I am just full of complaints today…I need to get past this… and keep on keeping on…for the better…as I near the end of this …I keep think that I should not post it….will it help me?? help anyone else coming of age ..? I don’t know but I think I will post it anyway…if any of you reading this have any answers or been thru this please leave a comment…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Update…today is my Birthday and I am taking my sister out to lunch to celebrate….I am heading to the Erie Pa area to Sparrow Pond cg to see the RV Tech and a couple days of R&R ….sun shine for me to day…makes it a happy birthday….


  1. As Kathy's doctor has told her our bodies change internally every seven years. As far as all our aches and pains exercising helps. Since you have a back issue talk to your doctor or therapist about exercises that will help ease the discomfort. Walking and bicycling are also great exercises which help with weight loss and increase your stamina.
    As far as our patience they do grow thinner as we age but again exercise not only works on our bodies but on our minds as well helping us to better cope with not only the little things but major problems as well.
    Everyone needs to vent so feel free to do so.
    If your repairman or realitor are not doing their jobs find someone that will.
    Then you can accomplish your dream and travel the US.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I feel a lot like you do about having this dream that I can't fulfill, being trapped in a place I don't want to be. I also look in the mirror and wonder who is that woman who obviously isn't the 35 year old I am inside. It does help my attitude to hike and bike. Exercise boots my mood. I hope your back will allow some. I don't think you are along in your feelings about all this and I'm sure it helps you to express how you feel and know others share this very confusing stage of life.

  3. I can so relate to what you have said. When I first got my Class C motorhome I planned to travel all over the country. When I left home for my first month long trip I was very much surprised. I never felt so all alone. I tried to have fun and enjoy the journey but was happy to get back to my home.

    I have since downsized to a Class B camper van and can manage it a whole lot better than the larger RV which always needed something done to it. I resolved to take short trips and enjoy the camper van, which is what I have done for the last year. Now, I'm thinking about longer trips once again.

    I turn 68 this year and feel that at 70 I may be content to just stay home. Traveling alone at my age is not as attractive as some would think. I have a lot of medical issues as well. However, I am willing to push myself for one last extended trip. Hopefully I will be leaving Louisiana this November for the Atlantic coast to see how many beach campgrounds I can visit.

    I hope you sell your house soon as that may help you decide what path you will take. Good luck to you.

  4. Thanks everyone for your is nice to know you are not alone with these things that are going back is much better and I hope to get back to more exercise..when I was 66-67 age group I was going to gym 6 days a week ( so I could keep muscles) ..and was walking 2 mile a day every day...then some life things happened and things went down hill...but I am bound and determined to back some of my good health...doc says back will never get better ..but I pray it will anyway...but I sure wish I knew more about the ageing thing...just not the physical but the emotional thanks for you very helpful comments...

  5. My comment is a little on the tail end but I figure I will comment...My situation is a bit different I have 2 sisters who DO NOT help with our aging Mom as I let my best years dole away they complain to me about the mistakes Im making and yet they don't step up and take Im very depressed and the air is slowing oozing out of me...Before I know it I will be too old to enjoy the travel and adventure I crave and that makes me More depressed...sigh...*what to do*.