Sunday, June 14, 2015

bad weather

I now remember why….

I do not want to live in Northwest PA…way to many gray rainy gloomy nasty days…sun shine only a couple days late in the day since I have been here…and before that in Winchester VA..that week was the same..with no sun that I can remember….


Another way I know I am back in PA …it is horse & buggy country..this is a buggy barn that our local Wal-Mart built for the Amish that  live in the area….this was Sat. morning that I took the pic…


Here is another view…I am posting these pix because I want to see how the up load to blogger …some of my friends have had problems the last couple days…I do all my blogging by using the Microsoft program called Live Writer…it is sooooo very easy just type and insert pix and push publish..I have not bells and whistles on my b log template so I think that also makes me have less problems… so there are few pix to day…My sister and I went to some yard sales on Friday morning between rain drops..the sales were great no duds…I got a bag of material, a new bag of batting and about 15 vintage metal cookie cutters…will share them with my DD she paints on them…at one of the sales was a hair dresser that was retired and she had a ton of wigs she was giving away I got one but when I put it on ugh…is all I can say ..I will take it with me and put it on my vintage mannequin Norma E. oh I also got two vintage folding wood chairs and a small round pedestal table to paint to sell… $1 each…got the water turned on but have a problem with the toilet ….it does not want to fill up because it has a minute drip that rubber thing that fits over the drain in to the bowl does not fit right any least I think that is the problem …I have to fill jugs to flush and keep the water turned of in the basement only turn it on when I need it…reason being the boro now installs new meters that are digital … it records each and every drop…I can see it adding up a number every second because of this leak…I have text my son …hope he can come and help me fix it soon….no more for today ..thanks for looking and come back soon …. blessings to all G&M


  1. When rubber seals become dry from lack of use they develop hair line cracks that leak like tires. If you had left the utilities on in your house that would not have happen but it would have been costly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. this is the first time it's happened in five years but these insides of the toilet is over 30 years old and it's probably time for new replacements put in I would rather spend $20 for new replacement than thousands of dollars for what the utilities would cost me