Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The last leg of the trip…

found me & Maggie driving thru the Allegany Mountains…ugh…I have never in all the years I have been traveling the Allegany's have I dreaded it like I do now..For over 25 years I have taken this trip some times twice a month and at least once a month…down the PA turnpike…to Winchester VA…don’t take  the rig on the turnpike most if it is a nasty road….never ever bothered me right down the middle of mountains…but now I hate it….wish I could find another rt with out mountains…maybe I am just use to flat Florida…and need to get out and about more….On Sunday morning I started out in Winchester…Stopped WM for a few things…got some gas..was $2.59 a gal….got home to PA was $2.99…anyway we got on our way took 522 in VA north to I-68 in MD …West to Morgantown WVA….to I-79 north to PA…it is a little longer but worth not taking the rig on the PA turnpike…below is a rest stop in WVA we stopped at….that walking bridge across the interstate goes across to the rest stop going east..never seen this type of rest stop before…and no I did not walk across it!!!


The name of the rest stop is Sliding Hill…and believe me when I say it is literally on the side of the mountain…not sure why they built it there..they do have a couple signs telling about the challenge of building it….I did not take the time to read it….below is a pic click you might be able to….


Also at this stop is a War Memorial…I would like to have visited it but it was under construction…looked like parts of it were disintegrating….I wonder if the sliding hill had anything to do with the damage…..hmmmm???


We finally made it to I-79 when I get on 79 I feel like I am almost home even tho I have a couple more hrs of driving…below is the site I had at MT. Morris camp ground..this is an over night CG only…it is very old and dingy…I really don’t care for it but it was on the way I knew where it was (spent one night there last fall during the “tire escapade “…I was tired so that’s were we went…. $30 just to sleep…left there about 9am they were calling for rain and storms the whole way home..could not decide did I want to fight the rain and storms or Pittsburgh at rush hour…I ended up missing all of the above…got to PA home about 1pm..made a few stops along the way…house looked just like I left it last fall…with the for sale sign in the front yard…not happy …there are two other house right beside me for sale with the same relator…this is not going to be easy…my contract is until Sept…not sure what I should do after that..if it doesn't sell…


Now that I got here rain the whole time so far…I just spent the all last week in constant rain at my daughters…so I guess I will just work in the rig today..it is a mess from traveling…I do have some yard work to do…I hope my spine and back let me…but I will take it easy I DO NOT  want to go back to the shape I was in 6 months ago I know I have limits …I cant get my water turned on until Thursday son has that day off and he has to put a pipe together he took apart last fall…so I have jugs I brought with me and if need I can go to my sisters she lives  2 blocks away to fill jugs…

Below is a dish strainer I found at Family Dollar store on one of my stretch my legs stops…it is very small just right for a rig sink board and looks nice in red with my new drain pad I made..I was putting the draining dishes right on the pad before and it got really wet …but this works great…


So this is it for now thanks for looking and come back soon ….blessings to all G&M


  1. Cool Drain pad! Do ou have any instructions on how to make?

  2. I too would go way out of my way to avoid I-95 and the PA Turnpike. What horrible roads. Boy that is tough with houses on either side of you for sale. I'd get another realtor in September. Get a little competition going. If they can't sell it in a year that's ridiculous in this economy. Try for a shorter contract too so you dump them if they don't get on it. Good luck!