Thursday, June 25, 2015



Sparrow Pond campground….

near Erie PA..very nice cg..but a bit pricey I am going to have a talk at the office before I leave…prices on web site was not the same price I was charged…I was ok with the lower price… thought about it and if they changed prices they need to update web site…office in pic below…nice big store in side including souvenirs …with food and other things you might need will having fun camping ….


This pic below is our site on the pond….nice gravel pad with grass and trees on each side…they are close but still nice…it is very relaxing to site behind rig by the pond…there was shade all day…the people on the left have not been here the whole time I was so it was very private ….


and the pond came with our own Loch Ness Monster…but at closer look it is a giant blow up rattle snake…I though it was out of place in the water…but friend Carol told me that while swimming in Florida one time they ran across one in the water…gezzz now one more thing I have to look out for in the water…lol


While walking one of the loops I ran across this beautiful is much better than my camera pick up…where I was standing …not to bad for me…was not at all close to an edge I could plummet over..I am sure this is spectacular in the fall…I know what PA looks like that time of year and you can not beat the scenery any where…especially coming thru the Allegany Mountains…


There are no marked trails to hike here..but the cg is surrounded by mountains…we are in the foot hills of the Allegany’s…I did run across this block off road …looked like a great hiking road…but after hearing there has been 2 bear sightings very close to the cg…one was right at the edge end of one of the loops…I figured it would be better to have a hiking partner..other than Maggie…


And the rest of the story…..

This is a very nice cg and I do have more to show & tell…RV tech George & Christine stopped on they way back to their rig…and George fixed the leak…and put the handle to raise and lower my antenna back on …it fell of yesterday…it is suppose to rain all day today …but looks like most of it will go south and miss us…but it is taking my sunshine with it…but I sure enjoyed it yesterday….I will just hang around here and walk more ..there is still one more loop to walk…check out a resident chair saw artist…well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M..PS…my mood is much improved!!!

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  1. Glad to see you out and about camping but I agree that they should have to honor the prices on their website. Although I have found so often that they do not that I now call to check on the price before booking anything. It's a pain in the neck.