Monday, June 30, 2014

THIS AND THAT ….6-29-2014

And a mix up…

of some pix that I have not posted…at least I don’t remember doing it…since a posted about the quilt I was making for new GGD thought I should show you the finished quilt…so soft and cuddly made with flannel …


This weekend …on Friday went to a few yard sales with my sister…found some material and a glass jug to use for my ice tea…

100_7287Bad Boy Bird still fighting with himself

On the geocache front thought I would show you how I sign a letter box cache…you are suppose to us a stamp…My logo is an apple and I cant find my stamp so I ink up my thumb color a stem and leaf and sign….Apple was my logo at the store I had Red Apple Junction.100_7257Letter box cache.

I have posted this pic before…but with nothing going on around here but work on the house …and besides I needed a Maggie pic of the here she is a couple years ago in her new buggy that I had just bought for her…she loved it the min. she laid eyes on it…she dances a jig every time you say lets go for a ride in your buggy…2012-05-06_08-33-50_266Maggie and her buggy

The rest of the story….

So far I have did next to nothing all weekend…Sat. I did a couple loads of laundry and hung them out…cleaned up the mess I have been making painting…played around organizing my quilt material stash that I have not taken to FL yet was not sure what I was going to do with when I was here last year…now I know…RV friend Liz said she might be going by here on her way to MA and might stop at the end of July..I want to have a lot of this done so I can spend some time at the camp ground with her…it is going to get into the 90’s here this coming week …so I better put my mornings to good use because I will be sitting in the rig with A/C on…well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Well what more can you say…

about rain…except the word flooding…again  early last  evening it started again..this is the second time in 6 days with rain in-between almost every day ….street flooded covering grass on the other side of the street…


A river running down my sidewalk I was standing on the porch taking this…


A lot of this water is run off from the street that is above us…we live on a slight hill more like just a slow rise..but enough to cause a lot of problems when it rains this hard or for prolong time….I live in a hundred year old house…on an old sand stone foundation…that is what they used back in the day…so I have a wet basement…very wet when this happens…I put dry lock on the walls in the last two years and that helped a lot…but still gets wet…when the ground is flooded out side and looks like a lake… I have fans and a dehumidifier running all day every day.neighbors posted about the problem on their face book page…so it is just not me….these old houses were all built about the same time…

2014-06-18_19-29-25_5Flowing like a river my sidewalk..

Maggie pic of the day…

Or should I say night….this was her the other night after we got into bed…it was just to cute I had to grab my phone and take it…it was a little dark not the best pic ….some how she got herself all balled up in the quilt ready for bed…she just laid there looking at me..”ok I am ready lights out please” she closed her eyes just as I took the pic…to cute….


The rest of the story….

I have been slowly painting the wood work and cabinets…I paint awhile then go and elevate my legs…I am sure some of the positions I get into on and off the ladder are not good for them…cant wait until this is all done…so I can have some fun this summer…(rv-ing)….along with other stuff….I was so happy getting the rig fixed and easy fix at that…no $100 per hr. with 1 hr. min…he said it would only take 30 min and that was it..he charged $35 for diagnoses & labor..and $20 for parts…if you are ever in Northwest PA and have a problem you have to check this place out…Wagner's in Greenville…they have been here as long as I can remember….even have their own machine shop….this after my $200 oil change….you bet while in FL I will be looking for someone else…even if I have to travel..spend the night…who cares…it will be a fun spending time at a campground…if I am going to spend money like that I might as well try and find a fun time doing it…Well as I sit here typing this…the sun came out!!! sure hope it stays around a while…but the forecast is for rain every day..I guess this moisture is a continuation of the wet snowy winter…it can stop anytime now….I will start my painting now before I run out of steam…thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

Monday, June 23, 2014


Was here at …..

7:30 this morning…the repair shop,,,

2014-06-23_07-29-21_439Mz..Sweet Dream waiting her turn along with the big girls

I told him the best I could what the problem was and were the noise was coming from…so he took it on a test drive then into the bay to have a look…and soon he was back and told me that the clamps and gaskets on the sway bar were bad..the gasket on the drivers side was totally gone and that is whats making the noise…he said it was an easy fix but had to wait on parts..should be here by noon…what a relief…no big problems…


Yesterday was …..

my birthday…I didn’t do any work except mow the yard..did that only because it was nice and I couldn’t risk the chance of rain today…seams like it has been raining everyday….  so this is the last year before I become one of the elderly I keep hearing about (69) this birthday 70 is that magic number ??? lol don’t ask me I am not there yet.…will get back at the painting in the kitchen today even tho I don’t feel like it…I was looking around the house and garage and it looks like I still have a lot to get rid of…I need to have another yard sale or two…what I really want to do is be retired…travel around,camp out,GTG with my friends, explore, work on my quilting, sit under the awing or a nice shade tree  in my chair and read…and maybe have a happy hour or two.. well I will get busy so thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all…G&M

Friday, June 20, 2014


I spent ….

Mon & Tues. starting the work on the house…started in the dinning room scrubbing woodwork , walls etc. below is a pic of built in old oak china closet… my grandmothers dishes and tea cup collection is still in there..and on Tues I did the same to kitchen….


Look at this vintage shelf liner paper…I put it there in 1977…it had just the right patina ..but I ripped it out when I scrubbed it…


Took a  break….

and made this bag holder…the bags were getting out of control so I made this before starting to scrub the kitchen…I have one with apple material but it is in Florida…I might make some of these for the church bazar when I get back to Florida….


Bird watching….

city style…I have been watching this pair of sparrows flying by the side of the house I knew where they were headed…but everytime I tried to get pix they stayed away…here is one of them waiting for me to leave the area…


The were headed to the Sweet Birdie Condo.I even sat inside the rig with the door open so I could get a pix…but they knew I was sitting there …they went flying by so fast don’t know how the knew but they did…finally went to the bedroom and tried from there …but the would fly up turn their head see me and fly away…this is the best shot I could get…didn’t want to bother them to much after all those babies were hungry…


You have to be fast to get this little birds…I did get this pic of one flying away after spotting me..the only reason I got this …is because I have such a flunky camera that has a very long delay after snapping …so I got this pic….


And the rest of the story…

I did not take any pix of the kitchen as I worked there …but will take before and after pix of the painting I will be far just have plans to paint the green cupboards and woodwork white…starting today…Wed and Thur… it rained and rained …much flooding and  storming all day and all night…nice to see the sun shine today …after all I am use to wall to wall sun shine…well I need to get busy painting so thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all…G&M

Monday, June 16, 2014


And strawberries…

Ah ha…got your attentions didn’t I….well its not what you think…below..wonderful PA. strawberries…the big fat ones form FL. do not hold a candle to fresh sweet home grown in PA…got these on Friday but they will be the only ones I get…way to expensive … must be some gold on them somewhere….made some home made short cake baked it in my toaster oven worked great…


And on to the Shark Bites…

Best thing since sliced bread…at least I think so and I bet every plumber thinks so also..when I returned this summer I found out when the water was turned out I had 3 leaks…was bummed out wondering how I would get them fixed…son came up with this..he works at Home Depot…told me when he worked in my bath room the plumbing was all done with these…connectors..(couplings) you just cut out the bad part and use this to connect it together again.. here is link Shark Bite A great inventions…I know some peeps that I bet wish they had been around about 30 years ago…


A sleepy fur baby below….Maggie girl….


And the rest of the story….

I have not started work on the house yet…today is the day…going to start in an easy room..the dinning room…or what is left of furniture …worked mostly outside since I got yard work can easily get out of an appointment with  a local place that works on RV’ Monday…hope it wont be two expensive… Son came in and hooked up my hot water tank and that is when I found the third leak..found the other two when they turned on water…have started walking again…went to some yard sales with my sister on Friday..have plan to work on house for two days then rest on with sewing etc…the weather has been great …but suppose to start a big heat wave this week…so I want to do work mostly in the mornings no A/C in house or in RV yet..son has to wire up a 30 amp outlet for me…well I better get at it..thanks for looking and come back soon …blessings to all  G&M

Wednesday, June 11, 2014



All tucked in….

the PA home camp drive way…I have way to many driveway camps…I don’t have a lot of pix for this post but will tell you about the last leg for the trip from Winchester…I took the rig and had air checked in tires…was ok…then son in law and I  drove around awhile checking out clanging noise that is on the driver’s front under of the rig…sounds bad when hitting even a man hole cover…but he looked under could not see a thing..looked 2 times…it was decided that I might as well drive it on to  PA…So that is what I did…not trusting Camping World…well the roads were horrendous the whole way….I drove slow 55…and still had problems with crappy roads…interstate was bad all over…I left at 9:30 pulled in driveway at was a long day…I stopped a lot…and sometimes spent at least 45 min ….to an hr… to walk and rest …then got to just before Morgantown WV on I-68 I saw an WV ST Park..don’t remember the name…to lazy to look it up right now…anyway went there figured I was only 3 hrs from PA home so could finish up in the morning and still have time to have my water turned on in the afternoon…pulled in no ranger in site even tho said office was open ..talked a guy that was camping there said no one was there when he and his wife came about an hr ago…told me just go find a spot…so I did…we got plugged in and took Maggie for a walk… came back sat around awhile…was just not happy being there…so after about an hr looked at clock it was only 3pm ..figured I could make it home by unplugged and took off….for some unknown reason I just did not feel right at that CG…so by the time I got home it sounded like the front end of the rig was going to fall off every time I even hit slight bump in the road…only on the drivers side…talked to son this am and he also thinks it is shocks…went by the RV repair place but they were so busy could not even pull into the parking lot…so will try again…I came home to 3 dead butterfly bushes..4 dead rose bushes…2 water leaks..and a few things missing from my garage…I am not a  happy camper to say the least…so that’s enough for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all..G&M


My dead butterfly bushes…

Sad smile


Monday, June 9, 2014


The shower…..

Went off with out a hitch ….this post is mostly for family and friends that were unable to attend….pix below setting up….


The game table….


Count the M&M’s in the baby bottle….


Guess the baby food….


Poopie diaper candy bar guess….

The baby food guess was won by a girl that had a year old baby…. Smile

The candy bar poopie diaper guess was a big hit…and was won by a man…guess who eats the most candy bars…Smile

There was a box of new born diapers on the table everyone was to put a message on a diaper for the new mom and dad to read when doing those middle of the night changes…neat idea…couple other games were played..

The food table….

Was more of a snack table…cookies , veggie plate, and fruit…..


We just bought all the vegies a bottle of ranch and made our own…much better than the ones we saw made up in the store….


And then there was the sweet watermelon baby..complete with a binky…we made that also…baby had a greenish face…not a cantaloupe was to be found…not sure what that was about so we used a honeydew…


Our cookies turned out ok…they tasted good but they were far from professional ….


And we made a table at the door so everyone could help them selves to the many favors we made…the truffles, dipped pretzel rods, cookie lolly pops…


We just set up a couple tables so everyone could just go up when ever and get the snacks and we also had pizza …eat just when ever…


Guys were invited to this baby show…and the hockey rink at the Sportsplex was rented  for an hour and they had a game…before they left to go play each one was given a balloon and told to blow it up and put it under their jersey…the last man left with his balloon was the winner of a gas card….it was fun to watch them trying to break the balloons while playing the game…they had a lot of fun…even without any weight they all said it was an eye opener seeing how hard it was to do something with a big ball in front of you…:0 :0…It really was a lot of fun and dummy me forgot to take pix of mom opening the gifts that was brought for baby ….can not believe I did that…

The rest of the story….

is that I will be on the road to PA in the morning Tues…Not sure what the noise is coming from on the were not low like I thought…but I think it is ok to drive and will have it checked out when I get there…might take 2 days to get there…it is a 5 hr . drive with a regular vehicle almost 300 miles …and I will be driving a lot slower…also have to empty tanks so I probably will find a camp ground to stay the night and get there on Thur. Well I better get busy and ready the rig for travel I really will be glad to get to PA…see family and friends… and get that house finished and up for sale…so thanks for looking and come back soon….blessings to all G&M

Friday, June 6, 2014


We could not…

ask for the weather to be any better here…sunny not humid…slight breeze…temps in the 70’s it..below is Knockout roses in front of DD’s house next to the road…they are in first full bloom…they are a ever bearing rose…you get the blooms all summer and you do not have to dead head them…


More Knockout roses on the left and a beautiful tree rose on the right…not sure what they are called..


This is the view out my door …makes you smile  every morning when you step out..along with the sunshine and great weather…


This is what we worked on yesterday..cut out sugar cookie …..we iced them with royal icing using that technique where you out  line the cookie with bead of icing and the when you drop the icing into the body of the cookie it is suppose to fill it in…yeah right Martha ! she makes it look so easy and so do the YouTube videos we watched….I don’t think it is so easy…Winking smile we will put them in cello bags tie with pink curly ribbon…like we did the other goodies…the C is for the baby's name…,I will say what it is later after birth…just incase it turns out different…don’t think it will tho…


And the rest of the story…

Today Friday…we will make a few more goodies…thinking on crispy treats dipped in pink chocolate…and I think that will be it…this baby show is like no other that I have ever been to…most different…both mom and dad..are very very sports ordinated (Pittsburgh fans on all accounts) …like big it was decided that a hockey shower would be held and dads would be invited also..I will leave the show at the until it is over then I will let you know just what is was about and how it went….I guess you could say “this isn't your Grandma’s baby shower”.. lol..  I am tying to post everyday as I am able to use daughters extra charge…that’s nice….I would love to go yard saling while I am here but not to sure it will happen…Maggie is having I nice visit also…they have a new kitty since she was here last…Maggie finds her interesting but not wanting to play with Maggie..well better get busy with what ever..thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Camp drive way VA…..

This is my drive way camp at my DD’s home…I think it is the prettiest camp site  that we have been in so far…she has the most beautiful roses ever …she got her rose green thumb from my dads mother she was the rose queen in our family…I love the rose tree they are so cool..the other ones are knock out roses…


We have been….

working on making goodies for the baby shower on Sun. .. in pic below we are melting chocolate for dipping pretzel rods..put the chocolate in canning jars and set them in crock pot with water…perfect for melting…this is something new for me..great idea!


Then we worked on truffles …using strawberry cake and white icing…after making the cake and icing balls…we dipped them in chocolate also and put on some sprinkles…


Here is a pic of the finished pretzels..MMmm they are good…we will put them in cello bags tied with pink ribbon since baby is going to be a girl…I will take pix of all finished products at the shower so you can see how pretty they are…going to work on cookies today,,..


And the rest of the story…

Since I landed in Winchester I have been feeling under the weather…not sure why…not a cold or anything like that…just not feeling right…but yesterday afternoon started to come out of it..have some problems with the rig…I posted about I think on Sat. I will take it out and get air in tires see if that helps …I think it will and then just drive it slow and easy on up to PA and take it from there…there is a place I can take there to have it checked out…today I think we will be working on the cookies..making cut out sugar cookies in baby cut outs…found some at JoAnne’s ..bib, baby buggy, onsies etc.…I will go now and chat later ..thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


After the….

sunrise on Monday morning..we left Mayberry Campground headed to VA and my daughter’s home…was a little foggy sunrise…


These roads might look nice and smooth..but let me tell you they are not…The interstates after leaving FL and GA…were a mess…pot  holes some very large..and the roads were rough where repairs had been previously …


When we got of I-81 at Salem VA…I heard this awful noise when hitting and small bump..just your normal road junk /holes….sounded like something was going to fall off the rig..


So when we got off and turned left ..look what I saw….went down the road a bit stopped at WM to warm up my lunch before going in the RV repair…well geny came on but no power…was plugged in so check breakers they were ok I just ate cold food…


Then went back to the Snyder’s ..everyone was out to lunch so had to wait…looked at a few rigs like the red on below…I kind of like the color …(I like red)…but they all were locked so did not get to look inside


Well one of the noise problems was that I did not put the antenna down properly …got that figured out and fixed..they thought that was the whole noise problem…I did not think so..but they wanted to check the geny even tho I said I would take care of it when it got to my daughters…but the did it anyway…and turned out there is a breaker on the geny and I did not know that or I forgot about…that problem taken care of… they did all this without charge…and I was back on the road…and it was soon clear that I still had a problem with ugly noise…sometime was worse than others… got to Winchester I pulled into a plaza waiting on my sil to come get the rig and back it into their driveway…I could have done it but feel better with him doing it…he said after driving it ..might be my shocks…and my tires are a little low….Sad smile  So I really don’t know what to do..will get tires filled…should I go to Camping World see what the problem is or drive it to Greenville and have the RV place check it there….

thanks for looking and come back soon..

blessings to all …G&M

Monday, June 2, 2014


June 1

We spent …

two days at this quiet peaceful park..and I was ready to move on…woke up happy and ready to go…First stop up was breakfast….I have not eaten out one time yet… so it is Sun. and time to splurge…ate at Micky D’s…


I love McD eggs, sausage & hotcakes breakfast.


we parked at the Carolina Wings that was beside McD’s…if they would have been open I would have had an order to go….anyway behind the wings store there are a few long parking places for RV’s and truckers…there were a couple there when I parked…I think you are welcome to over night here…this is at exit 27 on I-77 going north in SC….



This happened later on in the afternoon…I made a couple other stops to walk around … then I stopped at Mooresville SC..near Lake Norman…I decided to splurge even more …got hungry and saw this place and Italian sound really good about that time…


So in I went …very nice clean place…music playing if I had not known better I would have thought a piano playing singer was there…my table…


My food…


More of my food… Winking smile I took a box full of food with me ….my lunch tomorrow…


And then to walk it off…went to my fav. store Jo-Annes and new to me store beside it…then looked to see what time it was getting late and I wanted to make it to Mt. Airy…and was thinking of staying at the Wal Mart beside these two store…but after check driving distance from here to Winchester it was way to long so left drove the hr. to Mt Airy….Mayberry Camp Ground…


And the rest of the story….

I think I need one of those machines that you can dictate messages to….I think of all kinds of things to bring to my b l o g …but by the time comes to write it…I have forgot half of it…one thing I was thinking about today was Lake Norman…Mooresville is by the lake…if you look at the the NC map you can see that it is a very large lake with many many skagley (not sure if that is a word) fingers all over many many miles…I have always wanted to explore this lake…it would take much time…it also reminds me of my brother…they have many bass tournaments at Lake Norman I watch them on TV…my brother was a bass fisherman and did a lot of FLW bass tournaments… but he never made to this lake…I went to a couple of them with him and my sis in law sometimes she would go with him.…so seeing the lake today made me kinda sad…as he passed at age 62 …in 2012…any way that was one thing I was wanting to post about today…I will take a break for now and see if I can remember anything else …lol  I drove about 185 miles and it took me almost all day…10:30 until 4:00…well cant think of anything else at this time so will be on my way…thanks for looking and come back soon…blessings to all G&M