Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Did a little more decorating…
While cleaning out the closet in my room at dads…I came across my small collections of vintage embroidered dresser scarfs and table clothes….they were clean so all I had to do was iron them…The one below is a small cloth that you would use on a card table …like back in the day when my mom had her card parties….embroidered with crochet around the edges now lives in MySweetDream.
Also found in the closet…..
This is a throw that I have had for a few years dating back to my store days…a left over that did not sell…It is spring/summer with garden bird house motif. I put one of the vintage embroidered dresser scarfs on the back. It will probably not stay there as Maggie is always bouncing around looking out the window…but the throw  will live on the couch for the spring/summer travel.
Did a little decorating on front porch….
While my sister was here in Jan. we went to some yard sales one Sat. She talked me into buying this fake palm tree….I think it was about 2 $…Thought it would make a cute deco for my RV patio…but I think it will be too heavy to cart around it has a cement base on it. Right now it is on the porch…I also put some fake flowers in the hanging basket.
Food of the day…..
I made a pot roast in the slow cooker the other day for dad….When I did I put in extra beef broth so I could make me some beef vegie soup. He does not like soups….I used the frozen stir fry sugar snap kind at WM for the vegies…makes for a really great soup. Served this lunch in my old Campbell's soup bowl. Not sure if it is vintage..don’t think so. Along with whole wheat roll and my weakness ice cream….lol
I am sitting here being antsy…is that the same as the saying “having ants in your pants” lol…I do a few day trips every week, that I blog about. But that gets hard to blog about because it is the same places all the time. Kinda in-between ….about 8 weeks before I early to get packing…to early to do rig check ups…most are done oil, over all complete service, just need tires last check … I am bouncing around like a lost ball…. I really do live vicariously thru the travels and adventures of others on the Women RV forum I belong to. I so enjoy reading them and what all they do and see. I do follow a bunch of other RV blogs that I enjoy also. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings   G&M

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My new flag….
This is the finished flamingo flag. I got this flag at Camping World on the way home from the FL GTG. I added the Women RV to it using some black puff paint and black/green glitter. This flamboyant flamingo girl will live in this spot until we pull into a camp site then she will come out side on a flag holder! I put welcome on the other side in case I want to use her somewhere else. Click to get a better look!
New privacy day curtain…
I wanted some day time privacy. But yet let the outside light in. When I got the lacy curtain panels at that yard sale there was a lacy table cloth included in the deal. (all for a buck) They all were in great clean condition! So I just clipped it to the over cab area and “wa la” just what I wanted! There is Maggie girl taking a break. You can see in this pic how much room I have even with the slide in.
A little inside decorating…
Trying to do a little decorating with some things that I have here in Florida, things that I like to live with. I am a country girl at heart but love vintage, with a little bit of shabby and whimsy…lol…now what kind of decorating is that!! We will see what happens that’s for sure!! Here is the pop crate I talked about in another post…Yahoo chocolate pop…with some wood chickens gathering around. I use to  make and sell the chickens…also a couple of my vintage hand crochet pot holders that I collect.
002The vintage white enamel coffee pot is still in good condition and I could use it if I want to heat up some water. But right now I am using it to store my wal mart bags in.
Love this….
I love this little “head ball” with one eye looking at me. She does this to me all the time when I am talking to her…sometimes I see two eyes with two big ears lol….
And the food…
This is my version of a not so spicy taco. I can not longer eat spicy food, and I love it…so I make up my style so I can eat it once in a while…still could not do it every day. 
005I cooked up enough hamburger for 4 tacos that is 2 meals for me. Add a few sprinkles of taco seasoning….the when brown…add some mild salsa and cook until done…then just added some cherry tomatoes cut in half, shredded cheese , low fat sour cream on a soft tortilla.  I did not have any taco sauce but would have dashed on a few drops. It lacks a lot of the heat that most tacos have but it is ok enough that I get the taste and it is good. Sometime I use ground turkey in place of the beef.
Having a better day today…so that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Monday, March 25, 2013


My front yard today.
This is were we parked this morning at the home park. Could not get my usual spot but this is just as nice with  my own little green park bench. I have started to make my breakfast and lunch before I leave, trying to get there early and my parking spot.
010After eating breakfast we set up our outside room. A chair for reading and watching…and a matt for Maggie that she very seldom uses. And this is our home for the day.

Some of the things we watch
Seen this pelican eating a fish he got…but not in the usual dive bombing way they do…I tried to get a pic of him eating but he was to fast for my slow camera gulp and it was gone. People are always interesting to watch..along with other wild life….but not  much to report today.
Other things…
We were here yesterday also….lot of peeps here even tho they were calling for bad weather…did not get bad until about 4 pm and then it let loose..we were back at dads by then. I took of when the sky got black.
Today so far have not done much …after breakfast cleaned up the wheel estate…being small it gets messed up easy…then took Maggie for a walk around the park.
I get so frustrated sitting here not traveling around like everyone else…I want to go…see new and exciting (and the not so exciting) things and places…. I want to go before I get to old! Am I being selfish wanting this kind of retirement??  I wish I could express some of the frustrating things that I feel…but I don’t want this blog to be a downer…I read on another blog that most bloggers talk about their everyday life…the good, the bad and the ugly…lol…tell it like it is…why then do I hold back? Maybe more later…thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


While I was walking a trail at Wickham Park the other day…I was so surprised to see this stark contrast'. Click and enlarge pic.
2013-03-12_12-29-27_22At some point in time there was a fire in this area of the park. Look at the black trunks on the palm trees.
2013-03-12_12-30-12_156And then when you take a closer look …what do you see but the bright green of nature revitalizing itself. Wow what a contrast this was…my pic’s are not near the beautiful color I saw that day. But click on it to see better. You get a good look at the charred pine tree next to the palm. Charred palm with new bright green shoots sprouting.
2013-03-12_12-33-39_578And another thing I saw that day was these little watering stations. This one is stainless steel bowl bolted to a wood bench. A few others were same bowls bolted to cement blocks. I am not sure who puts these out …the park rangers, maybe? The all had fresh water in them for the wild life.
That is what the sign said on these plants I seen at the festival I went to over the weekend. Strawberry Festival. They are called Pitcher Plants and  are a carnivorous plants whose prey-trapping mechanism features a deep cavity filled with liquid known as a pitfall trap. So the internet says. These were grown in a nursery and very large. I think they are pretty and very interesting.
028And that was about it for the weekend…the steps on the rig stopped working again…but I took the ones I got at Home Depot back because they were not wide enough…I am looking for another portable set…I will get the ones on the rig fixed sometime in the fall…I have been looking for some steps anyway as I don’t like these ones on the rig…Maggie has a hard time with them and so do I ..not big enough…
Well that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Monday, March 18, 2013


It is in Veria ..The Avenue shopping center. A lot of window shopping was done. Very little spending of the money was done. Pic below is one area of the shopping streets. It reminds one of a quaint little village. LOL full of updated stores...

Cool retreat in the middle.
In the middle of all the streets is a cool oasis. A nice restful place to take a break while shopping. Someone riding a gator! 

What money did leave my pocket went here.
I did get hungry and went here to get some lunch. Maggie was in her buggy so she could go in while I ordered.
We got this!
Had great lunch of Greek salad and a Cuban chicken panini. Was reallllllly goooooood!!!! We took it back to the rig and had lunch there and did some people watching.
Could not resist!
Since I am addicted to Cold Stone hot chocolate. When I see the Cold Stone Creamery I could not resist going in for a this . Got a cup of chocolate and peanut butter very smooth ice cream. Sat out side and enjoyed.
Did this last week spend the whole day there. Also went to the nice Wal Mart they have up there. Some days I am busy doing things and other days are boring with not much going on…maybe my busy days are boring also…any day I am not out camping or doing some day trip is boring to me..I wish the price of gas was not so high…I would be doing more day or over night trips… I have to save my money for gas when I head north to PA in about 8 week…Not really sure when I am  leaving..I want to take it slow and sure…spending a week at my DD’s in north VA. I am excited about this trip…even tho I will be doing a lot of work on my house and doing some doctor things….ugh…
looking for steps for the RV…as step still is broke Sad smile I sure made a mess of it…found something at Home Depot but not really happy with it..did find some Rubbermaid at the Old Time Pottery…that folded but cost was $30.00 more than I wanted to spend…Saw an on site RV repair man while walking  at the campground so I added his phone to my contacts…Not sure what I will do this afternoon..maybe go to the home park.
Well that’s if from me and maggie …thanks for looking and come back soon

Monday, March 4, 2013


2013-01-08_14-36-49_369I think these are Wood Storks. With Stork in your name you would think they would be pretty…enchanting…NOT…I think they are sort of ugly…sorry bird lovers…I love birds to but I know pretty when I see it and know when not. We have a bout a dozen or so that hang around the home park. Click on pic to see close up…if not Wood Storks please tell me what they are….

2013-02-10_07-04-33_536Here is a flock of Ibis. Every morning about 6:30 am when on our walk we see these birds roosting in these bushes next to the river. They are so heavy in the body looks like they will fall of the branches! I even managed to get a few in flight. I like these birds they come right up in the yard and eat creepy crawlers. One thing I don’t like about FL.

021013123329This is another scene we hear and see on our morning walk. These squawking and flapping Great Blue Heron.  It must be the start of nesting and mating season…they are starting to keep to the nests and make a heck of a lot of noise.

021013123723It is so nice to have a Great Blue Heron rookery in the hood. I know of at least 6 nests. These large pine trees that they are nesting in are right next to the river.

022413085143Again we have a Pelican in the spot light. This happened a few days ago at the home park, the two boys in the back were fishing off this pier, on the other side of the river from where I was. All the time here the Pelicans are present and always dive bombing the water for fish. One of the boys caught a fish was reeling it in and this  Pelican went after it and got its self hooked. The boys tried for about 20 min. trying to get him free. Finally this man that was watching the whole thing walked up and helped them out. (took him long enough Sad smile) , and it still took him a good 20 min or so to free the bird.
So there you have it…some of the birds in my hood! Thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Sunday, March 3, 2013



003Today I have a few things that are just this & that. Here are some beachy things I got for 25 cents at a yard sale the other day. I want to put them in the rig bathroom…have a beachy bathroom. Not sure how to attach them to the wall. Any ideas ??? They are a little on the heavy side.
008Got these also yard sale…plastic storage box 1$ …humming bird feeder 25 cents….CD A Christmas Story 1$…love this move. As you can see I am queen of cheap at yard sales…Smile

020One more beach pic of mini GTG with CArol and Maggie….We tried to stay at one end of the beach…as both Maggie's have problem with large dogs…you can see the “no dogs beyond this point” sign….Wanted to tell Gypsy BoHo that the dogs are only allowed on 700 ft. of the no dogs are allowed on Florida beaches.

IMG_0055And here is a pic of most everyone that was at the Hillsborough GTG. Great group of RV Women!

Yesterday we went over to a” large rummage sale”, but was disappointed. It was held in the Auditorium and I expected something much bigger…being that it was held there. Then we went over to the Mall for lunch and to look around Joanne's. Just to look mind you! Well they were having a big 50% off…things that I use. Well you can guess what happened. Then to WM to get the rest of our groceries. I am trying something different this month. Going to think like supplying the rig for long term camping like for a month…so got what I think will last a month…except for bread and milk. Will see what happens and how well I did.
Played with Maggie and look at blogs…read quite a few so it takes me awhile.
all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

Friday, March 1, 2013


015This is a pic of Carol and Maggie…Maggie’s  first encounter with waves! She did not seem to mind them at all…now my Maggie turns and runs the other way when the come on the beach. This was Carols first trip to the Atlantic.
011The first day we gtg went out for lunch to a Chinese Buffet…had lots of good food ..maybe too good…we pigged out!!!
014And here a some new friendships being formed. Another camper in the parked walked by with her little year old Shih Tzu …a brindle color…never seen that color before and she was so cute & funny ….the Maggie's seem to like her they played together for awhile.…that is Carol on the right and I did  not the the lady’s name.
Carol and I went out to lunch on Wed. and then I took her for a ride around my area of Melbourne. Took her down to my “home park” so she now knows what I am talking about when I post about it….Then on Thrus. we went to the beach after a friend of Carols that stopped to visit her for awhile, fixed her batteries  and showed me just what I am looking at when I need to add water. She also made some mmm good pumpkin bread in the morning that we took along to the beach. We took food along to the beach and ate in my rig …so nice to sit and eat then go play on the beach with the doggies.  And during these two days…there was a lot of YAKING going on lol…we talked non stop I think…this seems to be a trait of the RV Women! BTW we went to the dog beach. Any way I was so glad for company. This so far has been a good year for visiting…my sister, the GTG, now CArol… who know what is next!! All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessing G&M