Monday, March 18, 2013


It is in Veria ..The Avenue shopping center. A lot of window shopping was done. Very little spending of the money was done. Pic below is one area of the shopping streets. It reminds one of a quaint little village. LOL full of updated stores...

Cool retreat in the middle.
In the middle of all the streets is a cool oasis. A nice restful place to take a break while shopping. Someone riding a gator! 

What money did leave my pocket went here.
I did get hungry and went here to get some lunch. Maggie was in her buggy so she could go in while I ordered.
We got this!
Had great lunch of Greek salad and a Cuban chicken panini. Was reallllllly goooooood!!!! We took it back to the rig and had lunch there and did some people watching.
Could not resist!
Since I am addicted to Cold Stone hot chocolate. When I see the Cold Stone Creamery I could not resist going in for a this . Got a cup of chocolate and peanut butter very smooth ice cream. Sat out side and enjoyed.
Did this last week spend the whole day there. Also went to the nice Wal Mart they have up there. Some days I am busy doing things and other days are boring with not much going on…maybe my busy days are boring also…any day I am not out camping or doing some day trip is boring to me..I wish the price of gas was not so high…I would be doing more day or over night trips… I have to save my money for gas when I head north to PA in about 8 week…Not really sure when I am  leaving..I want to take it slow and sure…spending a week at my DD’s in north VA. I am excited about this trip…even tho I will be doing a lot of work on my house and doing some doctor things….ugh…
looking for steps for the RV…as step still is broke Sad smile I sure made a mess of it…found something at Home Depot but not really happy with it..did find some Rubbermaid at the Old Time Pottery…that folded but cost was $30.00 more than I wanted to spend…Saw an on site RV repair man while walking  at the campground so I added his phone to my contacts…Not sure what I will do this afternoon..maybe go to the home park.
Well that’s if from me and maggie …thanks for looking and come back soon

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