Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My new flag….
This is the finished flamingo flag. I got this flag at Camping World on the way home from the FL GTG. I added the Women RV to it using some black puff paint and black/green glitter. This flamboyant flamingo girl will live in this spot until we pull into a camp site then she will come out side on a flag holder! I put welcome on the other side in case I want to use her somewhere else. Click to get a better look!
New privacy day curtain…
I wanted some day time privacy. But yet let the outside light in. When I got the lacy curtain panels at that yard sale there was a lacy table cloth included in the deal. (all for a buck) They all were in great clean condition! So I just clipped it to the over cab area and “wa la” just what I wanted! There is Maggie girl taking a break. You can see in this pic how much room I have even with the slide in.
A little inside decorating…
Trying to do a little decorating with some things that I have here in Florida, things that I like to live with. I am a country girl at heart but love vintage, with a little bit of shabby and whimsy…lol…now what kind of decorating is that!! We will see what happens that’s for sure!! Here is the pop crate I talked about in another post…Yahoo chocolate pop…with some wood chickens gathering around. I use to  make and sell the chickens…also a couple of my vintage hand crochet pot holders that I collect.
002The vintage white enamel coffee pot is still in good condition and I could use it if I want to heat up some water. But right now I am using it to store my wal mart bags in.
Love this….
I love this little “head ball” with one eye looking at me. She does this to me all the time when I am talking to her…sometimes I see two eyes with two big ears lol….
And the food…
This is my version of a not so spicy taco. I can not longer eat spicy food, and I love it…so I make up my style so I can eat it once in a while…still could not do it every day. 
005I cooked up enough hamburger for 4 tacos that is 2 meals for me. Add a few sprinkles of taco seasoning….the when brown…add some mild salsa and cook until done…then just added some cherry tomatoes cut in half, shredded cheese , low fat sour cream on a soft tortilla.  I did not have any taco sauce but would have dashed on a few drops. It lacks a lot of the heat that most tacos have but it is ok enough that I get the taste and it is good. Sometime I use ground turkey in place of the beef.
Having a better day today…so that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

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  1. Very cute decorating job. Tacos do not have to be spicy, yours sound just fine. Dump all the ingredients (except the flour tortilla) on top of some tortilla chips in a bowl and you have a taco salad.