Saturday, March 30, 2013


Did a little more decorating…
While cleaning out the closet in my room at dads…I came across my small collections of vintage embroidered dresser scarfs and table clothes….they were clean so all I had to do was iron them…The one below is a small cloth that you would use on a card table …like back in the day when my mom had her card parties….embroidered with crochet around the edges now lives in MySweetDream.
Also found in the closet…..
This is a throw that I have had for a few years dating back to my store days…a left over that did not sell…It is spring/summer with garden bird house motif. I put one of the vintage embroidered dresser scarfs on the back. It will probably not stay there as Maggie is always bouncing around looking out the window…but the throw  will live on the couch for the spring/summer travel.
Did a little decorating on front porch….
While my sister was here in Jan. we went to some yard sales one Sat. She talked me into buying this fake palm tree….I think it was about 2 $…Thought it would make a cute deco for my RV patio…but I think it will be too heavy to cart around it has a cement base on it. Right now it is on the porch…I also put some fake flowers in the hanging basket.
Food of the day…..
I made a pot roast in the slow cooker the other day for dad….When I did I put in extra beef broth so I could make me some beef vegie soup. He does not like soups….I used the frozen stir fry sugar snap kind at WM for the vegies…makes for a really great soup. Served this lunch in my old Campbell's soup bowl. Not sure if it is vintage..don’t think so. Along with whole wheat roll and my weakness ice cream….lol
I am sitting here being antsy…is that the same as the saying “having ants in your pants” lol…I do a few day trips every week, that I blog about. But that gets hard to blog about because it is the same places all the time. Kinda in-between ….about 8 weeks before I early to get packing…to early to do rig check ups…most are done oil, over all complete service, just need tires last check … I am bouncing around like a lost ball…. I really do live vicariously thru the travels and adventures of others on the Women RV forum I belong to. I so enjoy reading them and what all they do and see. I do follow a bunch of other RV blogs that I enjoy also. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings   G&M

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  1. I understand about being antsy. I'm sitting here waiting for this and that to be resolved before I can head out once again in the RV. Keep up your day trips. That will help somewhat until you can get going on longer trips.