Sunday, December 30, 2012


122712111603Seen this fellow while at Sanibel, not far from the lighthouse. I did take pic’s of the lighthouse or so I thought, but when I went to look for them on my phone to post…no lighthouse pic. I don’t know what kind of turtle this is but he was fairly large. He was eating like crazy not even paying attention to everyone that was looking at him and taking pic’s.

2012-12-26_16-11-07_29On the way home we stopped at this citrus tourist trap. It had lot of nice things to buy for a nice price! Also giving away free citrus drinks. I didn’t buy anything.

2012-12-26_16-11-36_7They also had a window where you could look and see how they squeezed and bottled the juice. And of course you could buy the bottles.

Today is a little on the cold side, was 39 when we went for our walk this morning. Might get up to 64 with some sun….not as cold as in PA though. I see they are getting more snow today. I have gained 6lbs so no more of this wild eating anything and everything. Going back on my better eating habits that I had before summer happened. Going to Home Depot to look for a small ceramic heater for rig. Might need it in a few weeks at the GTG. I don’t want to use my propane, save some money and I will have electric at campground so will use that. I will be gathering up and loading up in the next couple weeks. Soon as I figure out what I need to take. Thanks Coleen for your good advice on what I need and good idea doing a boondock one night to check things out. Like go to a WM over night. I think I will try this.

all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings G&M

Saturday, December 29, 2012


2012-12-29_11-59-47_363Went shopping today and found a few light weight things for the rig. Some Florida/beachy things. Got this flamingo tray. It is plastic so it will not add much weight. Not that I have anything in it yet to make it over wt. lol 
2012-12-29_11-59-59_883Got 4 flamingo plates, and a couple red divided plates and a deviled egg plate. Everything I got is plastic. Went to the Old Time Pottery for all these goodies.
2012-12-29_12-00-13_312And got a couple of these drinking glasses…they are not plastic.  It’s a start. I need to figure out what I will need for my camping GTG trip. If anyone wants to leave a comment and tell me a few things that I need to pack …all are welcome. Can’t wait for this trip….I guess you could call it my shake down trip also…cause I have not made it out over night yet. After shopping went to the park looked around and took Maggie for a walk then it started to pour down rain on use so we came back to dads. Making tuna noodle casserole now and guess I will watch football game later. So all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Thursday, December 27, 2012


122712111349The beach was really crowded later in the day. We got there about 10 am and was a few people around but as the day wore on got congested.
2012-12-26_14-04-46_318The Gulf of Mexico. The water was warmer and the and sand was white. On Atlantic side seems like sand is tan in color…
2012-12-26_14-25-34_979The fur babies that went along with us. Maggie you know, other little sweetie is DD fur baby. A long hair chiwawa by the name of Joey. He is such a mama’s baby. A rescue dog that was abused. He sticks to her like glue.
photoAnd here is Grammy with Joey and Maggie enjoying the beach, while family looked for shells.

All these pic’s were taken with my phone, so right click the open to see things a little better.
We went on our over nighter to Sanibel ...but turned out not to over night. My DD was very disappointed in Sanibel and the shells ...we were there for the tide changes spent the whole day at beach and still there were only tiny to small shells, mostly white...not the pretty colored ones she has heard about. Was very much a tourist town, bumper to bumper traffic, no place to park. just was not her cup of tea... so we came back to dads. It was a 4 hr drive one way and a few bucks in gas..I would have like to stayed over...(my first)...but guess the Jan GTG will be saved for that first trip over night....they are leaving to head back to VA sometime this was a great visit glad for family to come and back to the same old same like my family in northwest PA is snowed in. Not sure what I will do today, might go out and see what is on sale after Christmas…and I am going to start packing MySweetDream for my GTG at the end of Jan. So I guess that will keep me busy. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


mag c 5

HOPE YOU HAD  A WONDERFUL DAY! Going to Sanibel Island in the morning, spending the night in MySweetDream!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


2012-12-22_13-26-35_335Made a hot chocolate bar for Christmas and company coming. I did not decorate for Christmas. Except a small tree so thought I would decorate with this. I seen this on a blog then went to Google searched it...looking for more ideas  I click on the image button. This is on top of the micro wave convenient for zapping up some hot chocolate.
2012-12-22_13-26-47_437I used this vintage fire king tea pot for the mellows. Peppermint! I used to sell thesepots on EBay and got some big bucks for them. Have a vintage metal 1/4 cup measuring for a scoop.
2012-12-22_13-26-55_96For the hot chocolate I am using these nice heavy cups that you use to see in a dinner back in the day vintage fire king.  Love these things got them at a yard sale last year for 50 cents each. I have four but one I left in PA. When I was down sizing I got rid of most all my vintage. But have found a few things at yard sales that I like. I use all my vintage. So its not like I am collecting. :)
2012-12-22_13-27-10_327Here is some extra chocolate to add. Milk chocolate chips, in a vintage fountain glass. I have a few of these sometimes I make pudding and use these. Ice cream sunday’s too. I also have some chocolate biscotti from WM for dipping ...MmmMmmm good.

Well going on an over nighter on Wed. DD , SIL , fur babies,(she has a dog )and me  are all going to Sanibel Island on the Gulf coast. This will be my first time staying in MySweetDream! Even if it most likely be in a WM parking lot. I am thinking it might be a little chilly so better take extra bedding. My dd wants to go over there to do some shelling. Suppose to be good on the gulf coast to get some good shells. Thats it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings G&M

Thursday, December 20, 2012


009This was were we parked yesterday. Backed in first time again, now I am not just backing straight in, I pull up and have to turn to back in, line up where to put the back end ….etc etc. For me this is a biggie.
010There are about 8 – 10  of these little pavilions scattered thru out the park. Along with sever larger ones for a bunch of people having a GTG.
011Couple more pavilions. The have picnic table, a grill for charcoal or wood, on a covered cement pad.  All of them face the water at some point along the park.
013Some wild life I seen that day and every day ! Squirrels are too many to ever count. The drive Maggie and every other dog that comes here nuts! Most everyone in the neighbor hood walks their dogs here.
018Here is a baby blue heron (I think) there are a couple of them here this year. He is not like the big ones that will let you get real close before they take of squawking. 
Yesterday I stopped at a local garage that works on RV’s and ask if they would check the air in my tire. I keep reading check tires, check tires, it was making me so nervous that I had to find some one. The did and tires were right where they were suppose to be. The tires were made in 2011 so almost new. He ask me if I had any other questions and said lets check the oil. Oil was fine and looked like new. So guess the dealer did change it. Then the other thing that has been bugging and nagging me was those darn batteries. So he check the one under the hood and showed me where the water level was suppose to be. This has been playing on my mind for 2 months now, such a relief. now I know how and what to do. Very nice guy. I dealt  with then before, this is where my truck was towed last summer after the accident. So now I have a local garage to work with. Guess this is enough for today thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, December 16, 2012


121512153609Well two days in a row I was able to back MySweetDream into this parking place at the home park. SmileRight click to enlarge so you can see better. I got there early both days but as you can see the lot was filling up fast with trucks and boat trailers. There were a few fishermen around but I thought hey ….it needs to be done and if they want to  watch who cares….Now I have been practicing a little in dad’s drive way…but remember he has a about 20 ‘ X 40’ drive….maybe a little bigger and there is nothing in it so really that should be easy….lol….I did pretty good at it. But let me tell ya I really did good with this…backing up between the trailer and grass….pulled up looked out all windows…and backed right in…first try…Yaaay ….. happy camper here…Making progress with the rig.
001I have not done any decorating at all…I guess since I am not living in it ….makes a difference. I was looking at gypsy BOHOs blog and her whimsy way of decorating her rig…. and guess it got me in the mood to do something….so since it is Christmas time and I had a couple things that I would start with that. I think for over all decorating to make it homey I would like to do beach and some vintage. Mix it all up. With some whimsy in there also. Light’in things up…make it fun….The whimsy here is some red and white polk a dot poinsettias and that vintage elf…
2012-12-16_11-36-24_419While we were  parked doing our thing….I opened the door to go out and almost got knocked over by this guy flying up on our roof. Squawking and carrying on like a banshee. There were two of them and they chased each other all over the park. Some body must have been encroaching on the others territory. One of them looked a little ragged like missing feathers on his body.
2012-12-16_09-35-49_212And here is my sweet little Maggie girl….watching and supervising everything going on. Started to rain so went to WM then back to dad’s. Doing some laundry and going to watch the Steelers win today. And that’s my day. Thanks for looking and come back soon.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


009We went to the beach the other day…every time I go it is a different looking beach and ocean….same place but looks so different. Many clouds around that day …but that just made it even more beautiful….Low tide this day.
006And look at these huge rocks…you see these at low tide now…before hurricane Sandy you did not see these….even at low tide. Please right click on this pic and take a look at all the things that have attached them selves to the rock….amazing!
010This pic was looking down the beach toward the sun…that was hiding behind the clouds. I had on sun glasses that have a sepia tone to them and when I looked this way it was a lovely scene with a different glow…so hummmm I think wonder what it would look like if I took a pic thru my sunglasses….well I did it but it did not turn out…not at all what I saw thru them. So this is pic with just camera no filters.
003And little Maggie Moo’s still does not like the water…I was trying to get her close up to the water to take her pic…but no dice she was not going that way … lol…
008Then against the dunes we saw this little cubby hole. Not sure what it is but someone dug it out….is big enough for some one to get into it even lie down. Then they also put some sea grape leaves at each side and shells all around to decorate it all up. Could be a homeless persons “home” or some kid did it…. They don’t want you going on the dunes here at the beach so I wonder if someone would get in trouble for doing this. Right click on the pic’s get a better look ….
I have to end this with a moment of prayer for those in Newtown CT. There are no words to express the greif that these parents and family members must be going thru. They all need our prayers at this time….
Thanks for looking and come back soon

Thursday, December 13, 2012


006Well after pricing numerous washing and waxing businesses, I figured that this is a job I needed to do. I think if I could find an individual that did this type of thing I would be better off and would be much cheaper. I see peeps on the blogs and forums that have found such people and they do not pay the prices I was quoted.
002So off to Home Depot I went (checked WM before nothing there). At HD they have very few RV related items. (also went looking for a couple other things). But I did find this (above pic). A long  telescoping pole, and a soft fiber brush. Sold separated. Also got a squeegee that goes on the end of the pole.  Much easier to reach the windows. For some reason rig windows get dirtier faster than the truck or van. I was not feeling well when I took on this endeavor so it took me awhile. Over about 4 days, early in the morning before breakfast is when I did this. I did it sections by section. I used some wash/wax stuff, not sure I  like it but will do for now. I think when it is gone I will buy The Solution and try that. Seems that is what a lot of RV’ers use. But when it was all said and done it looked pretty good.
004THEN….. lol…. while at WM the other day….I found these tacky flamingo and palm tree lights….I love this stuff…esp. flamingo's. I can’t wait to go camping so I can use them. I have finally started to feel better, flu is going away. The weather has been something else this last week, bad storms and rain and hot. Now today it is gray, rainy , and very cool. Got Christmas gifts and things sent, now have to figure out what's for Christmas dinner. DD and hubby are coming for a few days, and what ever I cook up we will be eating for a few days. Not wanting to spend a lot of time cooking, want to visit and have some fun. I have not been having much fun so far this year. I need to get out of this funky mood and start living…. for some reason I don’t feel like I am living ..just existing from one day to the next….like I am still in limbo….I hate this and really don’t know what to do about it…..praying that time will tell.A couple of forum buddies are meeting up at Disney tomorrow one of the girls is camped out there. They are meeting at the camp ground not inside Disney.  I sure would have liked to have went also, but seems like $$ is not letting me go at this time. Oh well.  All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


003We went to the mall of black friday. This is only the second time that I can remember of going out shopping on BF. I went only because I am really bored.
006Seen this cool VW mini bus …I forget what they were selling. But really liked the bus.
007Also seen this cow taking a ride around the mall on this mini train. Cow looked bored too. We  spent a lot of time sitting in the middle of the mall just people watching. Maggie was riding around in her little pink buggy. (no pic)
001Went to the food court and got my fav fast food…took it back to the rig to eat in peace. I love Chick…
I am so far behind in posting and what ever…that I will never get caught up. After this outing I got sick and have not done anything since. I did take the rig back to LaMesa RV and they caulked and  sealed up the whole roof. That’s a good thing. I also used the jenny and the A/C so those two things are checked of my list. Now to use the propane and stove, have used the micro wave while doing the jenny. Also will have to do the water and tank things….that might wait till Jan, when I go on the  GTG..I will need support…and I have questions. I have to finish the Christmas gifts and stocking yet. My blog is still boring with me doing nothing…I feel like I need to get out of here and get busy living….but for some reason my butt just sits here….what is wrong with me!!!!!!!!! Anyone else out there have this not moving , frozen in place problem when taking up the RV mod?
Early this morning I went out and washed the cab part of the rig…I need ladder and long pole to do the rest…I used some car wash I found at my brothers, it is wash and wax all in one…anyone ever use this and how did it work.???
all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M