Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Over the weekend Maggie and I spent time at the park watching all the Memorial Day play. All kind of boat were out and about. Above this guy could not get the boat started after he got it in the water.

Now this guy had some kind of fire power ! Look at those thee huge motors. WOW

And seen a few of these, heard about this sport but first time I have seen it. Looks like a surf board, not sure if it is, but you stand on it and use a long paddle to move about. Not for me lol, i would be in the drink in a nano second if I ever got up on it in the first place.

And there were a lot of these Skee Do type boats. Not sure if you call them boats or not . But lot of fun on these that's for sure.
And the kayaks can't forget those, now this is something I would like to try. In this area you can not rev up your motors.
Have to be on idle  because of Manatees come in here.  Talked to a guy when i got there, said he was fishing earlier and see one. I missed it. Spent most of the morning there.

I think I turned off the verifying word thing , would someone leave me a commet and let me know. Thanks. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Saturday, May 26, 2012


 While out and about last week we saw these Sandhill Crane looks like a mama, papa and baby. These cranes are all over the place around central Florida. These are crossing a major six lane highway. A few weeks ago not far from dad's a baby crane got hit by a car and killed. The mama and papa would not leave the baby. They kept walking over to it and standing there. Some one moved to the side of the road and it was several hrs before the highway dept. came and removed it and mama and papa  stayed right there with it all that time. It was so  sad.

Here is a geo cach we found awhile ago. It is a fake stone with a slide out bottom where the cache is hid. Took a little while to find. But it was fun.

I have been meaning to do this ever since I came to Florida. And that is take pictures of all the beautiful and colorful buildings. The pink one looks like a fun beach motel. Found it up in Cocoa.
This is a famous , I guess you would call it a "tourist trap store". Ron Jon. If you travel down I-95 you will see advertisement for hundreds of miles. Way long before you come to it in Florida. I was stopped at a red light and this is only a small sections of the whole complex. I have never been in  it but, it's on my to do list next fall.

WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA: Hot hot hot and muggy. I am very glad I will not be here at summer. It will get even more muggy and hotter. Don't see how peeps live here at that time of the year. I guess you don't go out side much and that would not be good for me,  because I am an out doors girl. Went to a few yard sales yesterday a bunch of duds. Have a couple more totes to put in the truck and then last min. things and I am good to go. I hope to leave on the 7th or 8th of June. Cant wait to get going. I also went looking for dress for the wedding,,,,,ugh....that's about all I can say. Even tho I have lost weight I still look so fat in all the dresses I tried on. Daughter said wait till I get there and she would help me look. She has to get hers yet.

Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


More about our adventure last Sat. We went looking for the I Dream of Jeannie geocache we found it in this neat little park that led up to the ocean.

 A small nature trail was there and it was all on a board walk so we took it. This is the start of the trail.
More of this lovely trail.These live oak trees are all over this south and a million or so in Florida I love them, no two even resemble each other. All twisted up every which way.
We did not see very much wild life on this trail. But seen lots of hidy holes where they could possible be .

The wild life we seen was mostly butterflies, with one squirrel running up a twisted tree. Was a little disappointed not seen much, but really liked all the great foliage.

I love all these twisted limbs. It is almost like walking thru a fairy land. Hmmm....... maybe a few fairy's in there.
A few pull offs where you could stop and rest and take in all natures beauty. Here is Maggie taking a break in her buggy. She is doing really good riding in it. She does not want any one or any thing like dogs, getting to close to it. Its her little cave and you better stay away . We were there about an hr taking time walking thru and checking everything out. Little did I know there are two geocaches in there. Dummy me did not check my smart phone to see if there were any. Oh well good reason to go back again. Since I will be late leaving Florida, I am going over today and walk around the mall looking for a dress to ware to the wedding. Just checking to see whats out there. Will be looking with my daughter on the way home. well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We went looking for yard sales and geocaches on Sat. Few yard sales were found, but we ran into a craft show in Cocoa Beach. Check that at my other blog. This is the one I looked for at cocoa Beach. It was in a neat park that had a walking nature trail in it also. Alot of caches in this area have to do with the space program, remember I dream of Jeannie ? This is one that is named after that show.  

A pic of the cache below.
This is a pic of how busy the beach is in a tourist area. Our beaches in Melbourne are not that busy, at least I have never seen them like this. I should have walked down to see how they keep those tents from blowing away it is always breezy at the beach.

This guy was setting up for a 20th anniversary party. It was located on one of the pavilions on the board walk that is part of the access to the beach. It was really windy and he was not happy. I seen more at the park where the geocache was and we were able to walk the trail, so I will post about the next. Had fun and Maggie was able to go along in her buggy.

I do not like this blogger at all!!! I have know idea what the blog is going to look like when posted, it seems that blogger put the pic's and text where ever. So I guess I will stop caring what my blog looks like as long as you can see pic's and words.

My trip as been postponed for a few days. No biggie, just need to hang around and help dad out with a few things. I will be leaving a few days later is  all. But let me tell ya I am ready to head north for the summer. And speaking of that, it seems like I will not selling my house and be moving to Florida after all. I will be a snowbird!! That will be the best of both worlds I think! As long as things work out ok this will be what I am going to be doing. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, May 6, 2012


 I am beginning to think I live in a Blue Heron reserve. On my morning walk in the neighborhood, there are 5 Blue Heron nest in these giant pine trees. It must be nesting season, there is a lot of noise and flapping of wings going on.
 I have a really bad camera so right click on the pics to see better. I am almost to embarrassed to post these pic''s. Next year I am getting a new camera. I am thrilled to see all these birds! There could be more than 5 pair but that is how many I have seen so far. I have not seen the guy that visits our front yard everyday. He must be busy lol

And last but not least :) Maggie got a new dogie mobile. Is she not the cutest thing! I got this dog stroller at the flea market yesterday. I have been looking in the pet stores, and all they have are ugly black strollers. Besides being ugly, black will bake a little dog in the hot Florida sun. What do these people think anyway?? They have a nice little pet shop at the flea market and I had seen these there last year. So went to check them out and got this one. It comes apart, and is a carrier, and a car seat. Cant beat that. And was a few buck cheaper than the ugly black ones. She seams to like it ok, I wheeled her around the house then in the drive way today and she did ok. She hates to have her pic taken, when I was trying to take this, she turned her head away, I told her I see a kitty and she jerked around and I snapped it lol. This will come in handy when traveling, she can now go everywhere with me and we can be tourist & see things. Was limited before, cause could not leave her in hot truck. Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon