Monday, December 7, 2009



FINISHED WALKING STICK Well it ended up with three branches to pick from. Two of them were a little too big around for my hand, would do good for mans large hand. The one I picked had to be cut down so did that then sawed off the little nubs where smaller branches were. That done I sanded the heck out of it, and drilled a hole in the top. All the time I was holding it were my hand would be so I would get everything in line. With all the prep work done I then varnished it with water base varnish.
Many, many , many coats. I plan on being on the look out for a better stick to make another one, this is just a make do till then. I will put marine varnish on the new one. I put a elictric lime green shoe string thru the hole with a bead on it, instead of a leather one. So I could find it when putting it down in the woods to check out caches. The end result I am pretty happy with. To bad
the weather has been so cold that I haven't tried it out yet. Well thats all for now .

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