Thursday, December 31, 2009


SNOW 09'
MORE SNOW 09'10:00am What we woke up to this morning! With all this guess there will be no cach'in today. Oh well just as well I need to be working on my check list for traveling. Slowly getting in all checked off. Got mail forward done yesterday so I can get my bills and pay them while gone....goody goody!
I did get a few put on hold since I will not be here to use them. My brother and neighbors will be watching my home while I'm gone nice peeps. I think I will be posting on and off during the day instead of doing it all at night. See how that works out. All for now

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  1. That snow LOOKS pretty, but not so much fun to live in it I guess?? Will the weather be warmer where you are going for your vacation? Will you be geocaching on vacation? And most importantly - will Maggie go with you?