Friday, December 11, 2009


LOWES CACHE Got up to another cold day 16 this morning! We went for our walk....very short then back home to our morning routine. We only went out today for Maggie's walks....did get a few peeks of sunshine. Worked on packing more stuff to sell this spring, had to put new screws on the toilet seat
ugh! then worked on the computer some. Watched the Steelers lose last nite another ugh!
I think I will change the name of this blog a little so I can use it for my travels as well as geocaching. Since no caching today here is a pic of a Lowe's cache I found a while back...the cache is in the pic, do you see it?? It is neat, I would have had a problem with it if it hadn't been for the kid next door he works there and gave me a hint. Well that's all for now...not much going on this cold winter day
Happy Caching

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