Monday, December 21, 2009



Got up early to snow about 4 in total so far, not much as snow goes in NWPA. Went for Maggies walk, she still likes to run and jump in snow..also for some reason when we run across other paw prints in the snow she has to sniff each and everyone, I don't know maybe they smell different in the I don't see her doing this with no snow. Anyway got back had oats and toast, cleaned up some and got ready to go to my fist geocache get together. It was held at in Sharon Pa. Had a nice time, met new peeps, ate good food BBQ Chicken Qusadillas Mmmmmmmmmmm good, I also took my brother along (hes not into caching yet) he had their famous wings, he said he didn't realize how big geocaching was. I can't seem to get anyone in my family interested in caching with me. I learned a few new things about caching while there, and received my first path tag also something new to me. The first pic I posted is the one I received from Voyageurs60 a nice geocaching couple from Pittsburgh. You trade or just give to fellow cachers and then got to to register that you have received it. Some others I met were Purple-KV, KFOOX they were the hosts, some others were KerBear,
ChickadeeCurzi, rhelt100, along with others I cant remember on first time visit. Anyway had a good time and hope to go to other GTG in the future. Didn't get good pics was too dark but if you click on to enlarge it shows up a little better. I think today we will make cut out cookies will update and show ya pics tomorrow. Till then all for now

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  1. Yep - geocaching events are a great place to meeet new people and to learn more about caching! We held our first one this month, which was a great experience too. Hope that you got to met some fun new friends.