Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Up to our routine yesterday ..... then thought we might go out and do some caching...but was just too cold and snowy for maggie....haha... So thought I would show some more of what I have found.
The above pic's are two caches that it took me months to find. They both are very close to home and were some of the first caches I looked for. I started at the end of July and didn't find them till Oct. I checked on these too many times to count sometimes several times a day (remember I'm retired) They were giving me fits. The brick was is an old Bilo store that went out of business maybe 20 yrs ago. The cache is on the wall in the pic but I can't show you the pic of cache because it would give it away. But I did have to have a clue on this one in order to find it. And when I did find it it was something that I did not see in all the times I was there. And looking at the pic you can see there is not much there.
In the train pic ...this is a historical train park that has lots of neat hiding places. When I set my
GPS on this one it took me to one side of the parking lot when I got out and checked the co-ords it was not at all what the web site said...so walking across to the opposite side of the lot ...the co-ords were right on...I still have yet to figure this out as it still does the same thing to this day no matter what direction I approached the parking lot....anyway I ended up having to ask for a hint on this one also. Wish I had more exciting caching adventures to tell you about....maybe on my trip south I can come up with some! 27 days and counting!!!
Happy Caching


  1. Yes - those machinery hides can be tricky ones, so many little crevices and crannies for a tiny magnetic thing to be stuck to or in! Good on your for persisting and finding it.


  2. thanks anniez for you vist to my blog...have you checked out the train cache??