Monday, December 28, 2009


1ST NANO FINDIn the mess above is a nano first one...I found this a few weeks ago and with the good hint it was not to hard...the nano was not as big as my thumb nail...can you believe that!!
I put it back before I took the was nasty day and I did not want to jump the ditch again
so just took this one pic. The name of the cache is Amish Pike.
We woke up to 4 in of snow this morning , went for Maggie's short walk... to cold even for her...
Had our breakfast cleaned up then I went to WM to exchange some T-shirts I got to take to FL
wrong size. Can't wait to ware those babies!!! Still working on getting ready, put my Waste Management on hold today, have a bunch of things cant do till last couple days, so will get on with more packing. Going to my sisters tonite for dinner her family will be getting together for their Christmas. Started to snow again so no caching for me today..
Check out my other blog I will have a couple more Christmas pic's on there
Happy Cach'n

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  1. Good that you found the nano! Those can be tricky little critters!!