Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Another cold snowy day....will be glad when in the sunshine state! Was only high of 25 today so no caching today again. Just as well I have a few things to get done and ready for Christmas and still checking my list of things for getting on the road. Sure wish I had my motor home ....maybe next yr. A house across the street from me sold last week so things are moving some what maybe next yr when I get the house done for sale will be picking up some more. When my 2 kids were little I crochet granny sq. and made them Christmas stocking and when they got married made some for the spouses and then the grandkids. So now the first GS is engaged and my DD wanted me to make one for his girl. She is an avid Steeler fan (as is my GS and his mom and dad) so she wanted me to make a black and gold stocking. So I finished that today. Did a load of laundry and had to take it to launder mat too dry. My 43 yr old dryer got a gas leak in it this yr so it is done, and I am not buying a new one at this time. Made fried rice for dinner and now me and Maggie are going to keep warm and watch some tv tonite. I posted a pic of the Homeless Trolls geocache I found it about a month ago. My GPS took me on the road that the new bridge is on and I got out and looked way was I going to hike down there and walk up the creek so I waited till I figured out a better way. The better way ....the old road
So finally found the cache and there was one travel bug left so I took it to take along on my trip south. The pic I posted is look thru the woods from the new bridge at the old bridge when the leaves are on the trees and green growth of summer is up you can hardly see it. Well thats all for now.
Happy Caching


  1. It has gotten to cold to go caching hasn't it! I don't think I would want to go to the laundry mat to dry my clothes. We did that for a year and a half when we were first married. I would have bought a washer and dryer but the one car garage turned into an efficiency apartment didn't have enough room for them. We spent a lot of money going there! Probably could have bought several washers and dryers.

    Love the picture of Maggie that you put on your sidebar! She is a cutie!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm with you on the wishing for a motor home list! Mobile caching home is how I think of it. Your snow is pretty, but I don't think I would want to go out in it either!!


  3. When you sell your house and get a motorhome, what do you think you'll get? Maggie is so cute. My daughter Michele in Virginia Beach, VA has a Papillon named Lilly.