Sunday, December 13, 2009



PB COOKIES! When we went out first thing this morning there was freezing rain all over sidewalks and road! Slip'n and slid'n but we made it. It was like that all morning then rain all the rest of the day. So no geocach'n today. The rusty bridge pic's are of a cache I went in search of last week. It is a multi and the bridge is the first cache. Found that one ok, but the others were going to take us back in the woods and it was deer hunting here so we opt out of that one. Will do it another time.
The name of the cache is Shenango Star, can you figure it out? Hint about the shenango part
the Shenango River is close by. The PB cookie pic is my first batch of Christmas cookies, its a start not sure how many I will make. Got my shopping all done. 21 days and still counting! Can't think of much else today really lazy slow day with the gloomy rain and all. Guess thats all
Happy Caching!

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  1. Hi there Grammy and Maggie,
    Yummy -- pity we cant taste those cookies, they sure look tasty!
    That sounds like an interesting cache, but wise not to go into the forest in hunting season.